Scenes from a Mall (1991)

A hilarious adventure in marriage, infidelity and bargain shopping!

Original Title : Scenes from a Mall
Director : Paul Mazursky
Writer : Roger L. Simon
Paul Mazursky
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Pato Guzman , Paul Mazursky , Patrick McCormick , Stuart H. Pappé
Music : Marc Shaiman
Photography : Fred Murphy
Distributor : Abril Vídeo
IMDB ID : 0102849
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Scenes from a Mall (1991) - Paul Mazursky


Bette Midler Deborah Fifer
Woody Allen Nick Fifer
Bill Irwin Mime
Daren Firestone Sam
Rebecca Nickels Jennifer
Paul Mazursky Doctor Hans Clava
Gregory Moore Barber Shop Quartet
Michael Brown Barber Shop Quartet
Jonathan Guss Barber Shop Quartet
David Frye Barber Shop Quartet
Joseph Warren Joe Cool & the Coolers (Rap Group
Brian Warren Joe Cool & the Coolers (Rap Group
Darrell Mason Joe Cool & the Coolers (Rap Group
Marc Shaiman Pianist
Augustin Bustamante El Mariachi Bustamente
Leonel Cruz El Mariachi Bustamente
Telmo Hernández El Mariachi Bustamente
Steve Ortiz El Mariachi Bustamente
Ramon Ponce El Mariachi Bustamente
Fernando Quinones El Mariachi Bustamente
Joan Delaney Woman Interviewer
Amanda Bruce Woman Interviewee
Betsy Mazursky Information Woman
Jack Brodsky Pharmacist
Glen Alterman Owner Museum Shop
Marilyn Pasekoff Woman at Book Store
Patrick Farrelly Santa
Hidehiko Takada Sushi Chef
Tichina Arnold Ticket Seller
Wanakee Legardy Dress Shop Saleswoman
Carol Harris Waitress Nuvo Navajo
Vira Colorado Security Guard
Billy Graham Security Guard
Chun Long Zhang Chinese Acrobat
Kamarr Magician
Kathy Kamarr Magician's Assistant
Robert Garrett Bartender
Fabio Handsome Man (as Fabio Lanzoni
Steven Dominic Prestianni Male Sikh
Heather Golden Female Sikh
José Rafael Arango Bus Boy
Bobby Caravella Man in Parking Garage
Laura Baler Chocolate Candy Girl
James Duane Polk Man on Movie Line
Penny Gaston Pharmacy Patrons
Minna Rose Pharmacy Patrons
Stewart Russell Pharmacy Patrons
Joe Viviani Pharmacy Patrons
Larry Sherman Man on Carphone
Shirô Oishi Man on Carphone
Ron Barry-Barry Man on Carphone
Michael Greene Motorcyclist
Stuart H. Pappé Motorcyclist (as Stuart Pappé
Andre Philippe Taxi Driver
Phillip Nozaki Kid in Van
Donnie Kelber Kid in Van
Rene Victor ADR voice (voice
Anne Lockhart ADR Voice (voice
Pam Hayden ADR Voice (voice
Jill Church Babe (uncredited
Terry Dinan Shopper (uncredited
Paul Irwin (uncredited
Rob Moretti Extra (uncredited
Rich Pecci Mall rat (uncredited
Soon-Yi Previn Woman in Line at the Mall (uncredited


On their 16. anniversary, during a shopping stroll, the lawyer Nick Fifer confesses his wife Deborah some affairs. She goes wild and insists on a divorce. After they agreed to the dividing up of their belongings, Deborah confesses having an affair, too. Now he gets very upset and wants the divorce for his part, but the last word is not spoken yet.


The Opposite of all things Woody, 26 October 2002 Author: drosse67 from Virginia He lives in Southern California. He spends time in a mall. He carries a surfboard. He wears a ponytail. Is this really Woody Allen, or an imposter? This movie received a critical beating when it came out, but it's really not that bad. In fact, I sort of got a kick out of seeing Woody in this. He is well matched by Bette Midler, who reprises her Down and Out in Beverly Hills character. Director Paul Mazursky, who usually makes either Southern California or Manhattan-set social comedies, brings Woody out to the Beverly Hills that he's trashed in so many movies (the most obvious being Annie Hall), and plucks him into the center of '80s and '90s California consumerism--the mall. The story involves Allen and Midler discussing their infidelities in various mall settings, but the dialogue is merely a clothesline for the idea. It was a hard idea to pull off, but I, being the Woody Allen fan that I am, enjoyed it.
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Scenes from a Mall (1991) - Paul Mazursky
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Scenes from a Mall (1991) - Paul Mazursky
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Scenes from a Mall (1991) - Paul Mazursky