Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (1990)

Original Title : Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö
Director : Aki Kaurismäki
Writer : Aki Kaurismäki
Genre : Drama
Country : Finland
Language : Finnish
Producer : Katinka Faragó , Aki Kaurismäki , Klas Olofsson
Photography : Timo Salminen
Distributor : Finnkino Oy
IMDB ID : 0098532
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poster for "Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö" by Aki Kaurismäki (1990)
Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (1990) - Aki Kaurismäki


Kati Outinen Iiris
Elina Salo Mother
Esko Nikkari Stepfather
Vesa Vierikko Aarne
Reijo Taipale The singer
Silu Seppälä Iiris' brother
Outi Mäenpää Iiris' co-worker
Marja Packalén The doctor
Richard Reitinger Man in the bar
Helka Viljanen Office employee (as Helga Viljanen
Kurt Siilas Policeman
Ismo Keinänen Policeman
Klaus Heydemann Worker
Erkki Friman Member of dance band
Tapani Ikonen Member of dance band
Jari Lappalainen Member of dance band
Lasse Luoto Member of dance band
Uppe Ali Woman coming from Aarne's appartment (uncredited
Caroline von Pipping Pharmacist (uncredited


Iris has a dead-end job in a match-factory, lives with her dour and forbidding parents, and her social life is a disaster. But when she is made pregnant after a one-night stand by a man who thought she was a prostitute, she decides that enough is enough and plans her revenge...


Horrible tragedy with great comic timing., 13 March 2002 Author: seltzer ( from Newington, CT I saw this film many years ago at a local university-run cinema, and I thought it was the most brilliant comedy I had ever seen. The timing of the actors and the pacing of the scenes lent a weird feel to the movie. It was like the elements of a tragedy were being presented with a certain comic flair. Of course, I was the only one in the theater laughing, so I could be wrong, but it struck me as a completely flat comedy, with the story itself not giving out the usual comic clues. I claim either total admiration for Aki Kaurismaki or ignorance. In either case, it was very compelling.
poster for "Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö"
Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (1990) - Aki Kaurismäki