Munich (2005)

The world was watching in 1972 as 11 Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Olympics. This is the story of what happened next.

Original Title : Munich
Director : Steven Spielberg
Writer : Tony Kushner
Eric Roth
George Jonas
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kathleen Kennedy , Barry Mendel , Steven Spielberg , Colin Wilson
Music : John Williams
Photography : Janusz Kaminski
Distributor : DreamWorks Distribution LLC
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong graphic violence, some sexual content, nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0408306
Official site :
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Munich (2005) - Steven Spielberg


Eric Bana Avner
Daniel Craig Steve
Ciarán Hinds Carl
Mathieu Kassovitz Robert
Hanns Zischler Hans
Ayelet Zorer Daphna (as Ayelet Zurer
Geoffrey Rush Ephraim
Gila Almagor Avner's Mother
Michael Lonsdale Papa
Mathieu Amalric Louis
Moritz Bleibtreu Andreas
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Sylvie
Meret Becker Yvonne
Marie-Josée Croze Jeanette
Yvan Attal Tony - Andreas' Friend
Ami Weinberg General Zamir
Lynn Cohen Golda Meir
Amos Lavi General Yariv (as Amos Lavie
Moshe Ivgy Mike Harari
Michael Warshaviak Attorney General Meir Shamgar
Ohad Shahar Minister (as Ohad Shachar
Rafael Tabor Minister
Sharon Alexander General Nadev (as Sharon Cohen Alexander
Samuel Calderon General Hofi (as Schmuel Calderon
Oded Teomi Mossad Accountant
Alon Abutbul Israeli Soldier with Zamir (as Alon Abutul
Makram Khoury Wael Zwaiter
Yigal Naor Mahmoud Hamshari (as Igal Naor
Hiam Abbass Marie Claude Hamshari
Mouna Soualen Amina Hamshari
Mostefa Djadjam Hussein Abad Al-Chir
Assi Cohen Newlywed Man
Lisa Werlinder Newlywed Bride
Djemel Barek Zaid Muchassi (as Djemal Barek
Dirar Suleiman Abu Youssef (as Derar Suleiman
Ziad Adwan Kemal Adwan
Bijan Daneshmand Kamal Nasser
Rim Turkhi Adwan's Wife (as Rim Turki
Jonathan Rozen Ehud Barak
Charley Gilleran Commando/Arab Guard (as Charley H. Gilleran
Jonathan Uziel Commando
Guy Zoaretz Commando (as Guy Zu-Aretz
Yossi Sagie Commando
Liron Levo Commando
Ohad Knoller Commando
Lyes Salem Arab Guard
Carim Messalti Arab Guard
Hichem Yacoubi Arab Guard
Omar Mostafa Arab Guard
Mahmoud Zemmouri Older Lebanese Man (as Mahmoud Zemouri
Souad Amidou Yussef's Wife
Amrou Alkadhi Yussef's Son
Omar Metwally Ali
Nasser Memarzia Older Palestinian
Abdelhafid Metalsi Palestinian in 30s
Karim Quayouh Young Palestinian (as Karim Qayouh
Mihalis Giannatos Hotel Aristides Porter
Faruk Pruti KGB Liaison
Rad Lazar KGB Liaison
Laurence Février Papa's Wife
Habir Yahya Girl with Papa
Mehdi Nebbou Ali Hassan Salameh
Hicham Nazzal Salameh Guard
Lemir Guerfa Salameh Guard
Hisham Silman Salameh Guard
Brian Goodman Belligerent American
Richard Brake Belligerent American
Robert John Burke Belligerent American
Yehuda Levi Tel Aviv Airport Soldier
Danny Zahavi Tel Aviv Airport Soldier
Itay Barnea Israeli Deputy Consul NY
Elyse Klaits Consulate Secretary
Nabil Yajjou Young Tarifa Guard
Karim Salah Issa (as Karim Saleh
Merik Tadros Tony 'The Cowboy'
Mousa Kraish Badran - Mohammed Safed
Karim Saidi Kader - Adnan Al-Gashey
Mohammed Khouas Samir - Jamal Al-Gashey
David Ali Hamade Paulo
Ben Youcef Saleh
Sami Samir Abu Halla
Guri Weinburg Moshe Weinberg (as Guri Weinberg
Sam Feuer Yosef Romano
Sabi Dorr Yosef Gottfreund
Wojciech Machnicki Tuvia Sokolovsky
David Feldman Kehat Schur
Ori Pfeffer Andre Spitzer
Shmuel Edelman Yaakov springer (as Shmuel Edleman
Joseph Sokolsky Amitzur Shapira
Lior Perel David Berger
Ossie Beck Eliezaar Halfen
Guy Amir Mark Slavin
Haguy Wigdor Zeev Friedman
Roy Avigdori Gad Tsabari (as Roei Avigdori
Kevin Collins American Athlete
Daniel Bess American Athlete
Baya Belal Palestinian Woman Watching TV
Ula Tabari Palestinian Woman Watching TV
Saïda Bekkouche Aida Refugee Camp Woman
Fattouma Ousliha Bouamari Aida Refugee Camp Woman (as Fettouma Bouamari
Alexander Beyer German Reporter in Munich Underground
Amos Shoub Israeli News Anchor
Geoffrey Dowell Israeli News Anchor
Rana Werbin Female Israeli News Anchor
Jane Garda Italian Girl in Car
Félicité Du Jeu Young Swiss Bank Official
Gil Soriano Man in Haifa Bar
Mordechai Ben-Shachar Older Man in Haifa Bar
Amina Al-Aidroos Palestinian Teacher
Leda Mansour Palestinian Teacher
Sasha Spielberg Young Israeli Woman Watching TV
Renana Raz Israeli Woman Watching TV
Hagit Dasberg-Shamul Israeli Woman Watching TV
Patrick Kennedy English Reporter in Munich Underground
Stéphane Freiss French Reporter in Munich Underground
Arturo Arribas Spanish Reporter in Munich Underground
Yaron Josef Motolla Israeli Reporter in Munich Underground
Jalil Naciri Arab Reporter in Munich Underground
Martin Ontrop Camera Crew at Munich
Joram Voelklein Camera Crew at Munich
Michael Schenk Photographer at Munich
Andreas Lust News Crew at Furstefeldbrook
Tom Wlaschiha News Crew at Furstefeldbrook
George Mendel Bar staff in Budapest


During the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, eleven Israeli athletes are taken hostage and murdered by a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. In retaliation, the Israeli government recruits a group of Mossad agents to track down and execute those responsible for the attack.


A Half Cooked Masterpiece, 23 December 2005 Author: marcosaguado from Los Angeles, USA Steven Spielberg has absolutely everything at his disposal, he can make an epic in no time at all. But, even he must know that films, most films have a soul and that can't be rushed. Why the need to rush this film into screens? For Oscar consideration? If there was a film that needed nurturing and thought was this one. The length is a flaw in itself. It makes it appear self indulgent and, quite frankly,annoying. If one could, and one should, put that aside, "Munich" is a remarkable experience. Tony Kushner and Eric Roth deal with people in all its complexity - a welcome new detail in a Spielberg film - and that gives "Munich" its most powerful aspect. Eric Bana is extraordinary and the humanity of his gaze is confusing and recognizable at the same time. His crying at hearing his child's voice over the phone is as real as his hardness when he massacres his targets. The controversy raising after the first public screenings seems pre-fabricated by a marketing machine. The questioning of Bana's character and the appalling nature of revenge can't be controversial it's at the base of human nature. To call Spielberg "no friend of Israel" is as absurd as it is suspicious. No, this movie is a thriller, based on actual events, directed by the greatest craftsman of the last 30 years in a record amount of time. Go see it.
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Munich (2005) - Steven Spielberg
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Munich (2005) - Steven Spielberg
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Munich (2005) - Steven Spielberg