Dangerous Game (1993)

Original Title : Dangerous Game
Director : Abel Ferrara
Writer : Nicholas St. John
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Freddy De Mann , Mary Kane , Ron Rotholz
Music : Joe Delia
Photography : Ken Kelsch
Distributor : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
IMDB ID : 0106660
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Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara


¬Harvey Keitel Eddie Israel
¬Madonna Sarah Jennings
¬James Russo Francis Burns
¬Nancy Ferrara Madlyn Israel
¬Reilly Murphy Tommy
¬Victor Argo Director of Photography
¬Leonard L. Thomas Prop Guy
¬Christina Fulton Blonde
¬Heather Bracken Stewardess
¬Glenn Plummer Burns' Buddy
¬Niki Munroe Girl in Trailer
¬Lori Eastside Party Guest
¬John Snyder Party Guest
¬Adina Winston Party Guest
¬Dylan Hundley Party Guest
¬Juliette Hohnen Bar Patron
¬Julie Pop Morton's Waitress
¬Lili Barsha Flight Attendant
¬Robyn B. Ashley Flight Attendant
¬Anthony Redman Swinger
¬Noga Isackson 1st AD
¬Randy Sabusawa Producer
¬Melinda Eshelman Wardrobe (as Mindy Eshelman
¬Jesse Long Script Supervisor
¬Linda Murphy Boom Operator
¬Marta Bukowski Video Tap Monitor
¬Bill Pope Camera Operator
¬Martin Schaer Camera Operator
¬James Fitzgerald 1st Assistant Cameraman (as Jim Fitzgerald
¬Hiram Ortiz Hair
¬Howell Caldwell 2nd Assistant Director (as Patton Howell Caldwell IV
¬Richard Belzer Cameo appearance
¬Annie McEnroe Cameo appearance
¬Sammy Jack Pressman Cameo appearance
¬Steve Albert Boxing Announcer
¬Ken Kelsch Camera Operator (uncredited


Eddie Israel is a moviemaker. He is beginning the shooting of "The mother of mirrors", starring Francis Burns and Sarah Jennings. "The mother of mirrors" is the story of the last night of a couple falling into decay. Eddie is very demanding with the actors, and the heavy atmosphere of the film acts upon the daily life of the protagonists.


Another great job from Abel and Maddie, 17 October 1998 Author: Aleksander Rogozinski from Poland,Warsaw Another great job from Abel Ferrara and, this time more serious than ever, Madonna. From the beginning till the end a fabulous example of great action, wonderful acting and good director's job. Definitely - it is worth to see!
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540 x 743
Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara
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500 x 712
Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara
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241 x 400
Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara
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326 x 553
Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara
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400 x 600
Dangerous Game (1993) - Abel Ferrara