C'était un rendez-vous (1976)

Original Title : C'était un rendez-vous
Director : Claude Lelouch
Genre : Action
Country : France
Language : No Speech
Distributor : Spirit Level Films
IMDB ID : 0169173
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poster for "C'était un rendez-vous" by Claude Lelouch (1976)
C'était un rendez-vous (1976) - Claude Lelouch


A high-speed drive through the streets of Paris.


Dissappointed Viewer, 12 February 2004 Author: ejcbac from St Louis, MO After all the hoopla I've read about this film, I'm sorry to say I was dissappointed when I finally saw it. I tend to agree with at least one other commenter, the speeds do not appear to be racing level, at least visually. True, the ground races by (you'd expcet that from a bumper mounted camera), and the engine sounds are Ferrari, but just watch the speeds that buildings and other cars go by and it doesn't look that fast. Tire squeal also seems excessive.What really seemed to be the giveaway was the unhurried movements of the pedestrians. Any car traveling at the speeds this car sounds to be going, and making the noises its making, ought to be making people jump. Not a jumper in the 4-5 people seen in this film.Watch the chase in 'French Connection'. It's reported right here at that the lady pushing the baby carriage was not a planned encounter. Watch her jump and you'll see a genuine looking reaction to a high speed car on city streets.