Rivières pourpres II - Anges de l'apocalypse, Les (2004)

An unholy crime... An unstoppable killer... Caught in a deadly tide.

Original Title : Rivières pourpres II - Les anges de l'apocalypse, Les
Director : Olivier Dahan
Writer : Luc Besson
Jean-Christophe Grangé
Genre : Thriller
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Luc Besson , Alain Goldman , Catherine Morisse
Music : Colin Towns
Photography : Alex Lamarque
Distributor : DeA Planeta
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong violence and some language.
IMDB ID : 0337103
Official site :
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poster for "Rivières pourpres II - Anges de l'apocalypse, Les" by Olivier Dahan (2004)
Rivières pourpres II - Anges de l'apocalypse, Les (2004) - Olivier Dahan


Jean Reno Commissaire Niemans
Benoît Magimel Reda
Christopher Lee Heinrich von Garten
Camille Natta Marie
Johnny Hallyday L'ermite borgne
Gabrielle Lazure La femme de Philippe
Augustin Legrand Jésus
Serge Riaboukine Père Vincent
André Penvern Père Dominique
Francis Renaud Flic Reda 1
David Saracino Flic Reda 2
Michaël Abiteboul Flic 1
Eriq Ebouaney Flic 2
Jo Prestia Emilio
Cyril Raffaelli Prêtre tueur
Mylène Jampanoï Pénélope
Eric Chevallier Mathieu
Nikita Infirmière
Victor Garrivier Le vieux gardien
Olivier Brocheriou Barthélémy
Wilfred Benaïche Le prêtre apôtre
Ludovic Schoendoerffer Assistant scène de crime
Idit Cebula Mère de Kevin
Marc Henry Nouveau moine
Thierry Liagre Barman
Gilles Treton Flic faction
Frédéric Maranber Chef chantier
Nicolas Simon Flic 3
Fosco Perinti Homme costume
Frédéric Merlo Médecin
Thierry Der'ven Commandant
Christophe Lavalle Ouvrier ligne Maginot
Enrico Di Giovanni Italien
Jean-François Gallotte Directeur supermarché
Kevin Kassabi 


In Lorraine, close to the border of Germany, the Chief Inspector Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) is investigating the death of a man behind of a wall of an isolated abbey. Meanwhile, the efficient detective Reda (Benoît Magimel) is investigating the attempt of murder of a man called Jesus. They come to the same point along their investigations, join forces with the detective Marie (Camille Natta), a specialist in religious matter, and fight against Heinrich von Garten (Chritopher Lee), a German Minister of Culture and Religion, a group of powerful monks.


Start was not so bad...., 23 February 2004 Author: Zibyx from France The movie starts on good basis, but when it reaches the last third, it seems that Luc Besson had no inspiration for the end. It's falling from the sky and don't expect much from it. Except this poor ending, direction is quite good, with good lighting and good camera movement.