16 Blocks (2006)

For a New York cop and his witness, the distance between life and death just got very short.

Original Title : 16 Blocks
Director : Richard Donner
Writer : Richard Wenk
Genre : Action
Country : Germany
Language : English
Music : Klaus Badelt
Photography : Glen MacPherson
Distributor : Benelux Film Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for violence, intense sequences of action, and some strong language.
IMDB ID : 0450232
Official site :
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16 Blocks (2006) - Richard Donner


¬Bruce Willis Jack Mosley
¬Mos Def Eddie Bunker
¬David Morse Frank Nugent
¬Jenna Stern Diane Mosley
¬Casey Sander Captain Gruber
¬Cylk Cozart Det. Jimmy Mulvey
¬David Zayas Robert Torres
¬Robert Racki Jerry Shue
¬Patrick Garrow Touhey
¬Sasha Roiz Kaller
¬Conrad Pla Ortiz
¬Hechter Ubarry Maldonado
¬Richard Fitzpatrick Deputy Commissioner Wagner
¬Peter McRobbie Mike Sheehan
¬Michael F. Keenan Ray Fitzpatrick (as Mike Keenan
¬Robert Clohessy Cannova
¬Jess Mal Gibbons Pederson
¬Tig Fong Briggs
¬Brenda Pressley ADA MacDonald
¬Kim Chan Sam
¬Carmen Lopez Gracie
¬Scott McCord Lieutenant Kincaid
¬David Sparrow Holding Cell Officer
¬Eduardo Gomez Holding Cell Prisoner
¬Sam Kung Chinese Man
¬Angela Seto Chinese Wife
¬Bernie Henry Man with Caddy
¬Nick Alachiotis Russian
¬Danny Lima Russian
¬Claudio Masciulli Dominic Forlini
¬Efosa Otuomagie Bus Driver
¬Christina Orjalo Girl on the Bus
¬Richard Wenk ADA's Detective
¬Derek Hoffman Carl - EMT
¬Brian Read UPS Delivery Man
¬Ryan Wulff DA'S Clerk
¬Steve Kahan Restaurant Owner
¬Paul Tuerpe Diane's Boyfriend
¬Cece Neber Labao Restaurant Waitress (as Cece Neber
¬Jim Chong Bus Passenger
¬Betty Chong Bus Passenger
¬Sam Moses Bus Passenger
¬Kathy Imrie Bus Passenger
¬Jason Burke Bus Passenger
¬Tom Wlaschiha Bus Passenger (as Thomas Wlaschiha
¬Scott Douglas Bus Passenger
¬J.D. Nicholsen Man in Gray Suit
¬Kameron Louangxay Communications Tech
¬Victoria Mitchell Woman in Apartment
¬Cecil Phillips MTA Cop (as Cecil Philips
¬Rob Wiethoff Court Officer
¬Jimmy Campbell Court Officer
¬Richard Collier Court Officer
¬Aaron Ferguson Court Officer
¬Bradley Paterson Brad - EMT
¬Paul Lee Asian Shop Owner
¬Heather Dawn The Juror
¬Daryl Dismond Man in Suit (as Darryl Dismond
¬Jim Lavin Car Key Detective (as James Lavin
¬Beatriz Yuste Subway Commuter
¬David Talbolt Subway Commuter
¬Toni Ellwand Subway Commuter
¬Rolando Alvarez Giacoman Subway Commuter
¬Carmen L√≥pez Gracie
¬Brian Andersson Detective (uncredited
¬Robert Bizik Construction Worker (uncredited
¬Vicky Craggs Girl on Street (uncredited
¬Joseph DeBona Detective (uncredited
¬Richard Donner Man holding a birthday cake (uncredited
¬Albert Duic Paramedic (uncredited
¬Marshall Factora Juror (uncredited
¬Victor Formosa Businessman (uncredited
¬Eli Harris Cab Driver (uncredited
¬Kean Ong (uncredited
¬Alan Lee Subway Commuter/Pedestrian (uncredited
¬Paul J.Q. Lee Asian Store Owner (uncredited
¬Ben Li Chinese Man
¬Kevin P. McCarthy Person in Cab (uncredited
¬Liam McGuckian Nephew (uncredited
¬Denis McKeown Pedestrian (uncredited
¬Allison Lee Ritter Passenger (uncredited
¬Joe Rosario Juror
¬Talia Russo Young Bride (uncredited
¬Norman Schleiffer Man in park feeding pigeons (uncredited
¬Alex Scrymgeour Cop (uncredited
¬Michael Segovia Russian boy (uncredited
¬Joseph Siravo District Attorney Haynes (uncredited
¬Jeremy J. Sullivan Courtroom Security Guard (uncredited
¬Svetlana Titova Waitress (uncredited
¬Joshua Tolby Pedestrian (uncredited
¬Schuster Vance Detective (uncredited
¬Sonny Vellozzi Pedestrian (uncredited
¬Emerson Wong Alleyway Chinese Cook (uncredited
¬Will Wong Delivery Man (uncredited


Bruce Willis plays Jack Mosley, a burnt-out detective assigned the unenviable task of transporting a fast-talking convict (Mos Def) from jail to a courthouse 16 blocks away. However, along the way he learns that the man is supposed to testify against Mosley's colleagues, and the entire NYPD wants him dead. Mosley must choose between loyalty to his colleagues and protecting the witness, and never has such a short distance seemed so long...


Oustanding Performances by Bruce Willis and Mos Def, 28 February 2006 Author: jennifer_lenz from United States This is one of Bruce Willis' finest films yet. He plays a tired old cop who is handed the menial task of driving Mos Def, a criminal, who has to testify in court. Little does he know, he winds up running into very much trouble. Although one might think that this movie cannot be suspenseful because it takes place within the radius of 16 blocks, many twists and turns occur which make it very interesting. Mos Def also delivers an outstanding performance through the use of his accent and his hilarious anecdotes throughout the movie. He adds a lot of depth to his character and to the movie as a whole. Thus, the audience is able to sympathize with him. Overall, this movie was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great fast paced thriller.
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16 Blocks (2006) - Richard Donner