She's the Man (2006)

Everybody has a secret... Duke wants Olivia who likes Sebastian who is really Viola whose brother is dating Monique so she hates Olivia who's with Duke to make Sebastian jealous who is really Viola who's crushing on Duke who thinks she's a guy...

Original Title : She's the Man
Director : Andy Fickman
Writer : Ewan Leslie
Karen McCullah Lutz
Kirsten Smith
Ewan Leslie
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Marty P. Ewing , Ewan Leslie , Jack Leslie , Patrick McIntire , Lauren Shuler Donner
Music : Nathan Wang
Photography : Greg Gardiner
Distributor : DreamWorks Distribution LLC
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for some sexual material
IMDB ID : 0454945
Official site :
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She's the Man (2006) - Andy Fickman


Amanda Bynes Viola
Channing Tatum Duke
Laura Ramsey Olivia
Vinnie Jones Coach Dinklage
David Cross Principal Gold
Julie Hagerty Daphne
Robert Hoffman Justin
Jonathan Sadowski Paul
Alex Breckenridge Monique Valentine
Amanda Crew Kia
Jessica Lucas Yvonne
Brandon Jay McLaren Toby
Clifton MaCabe Murray Andrew (as Clifton Murray
James Snyder Malcolm
James Kirk Sebastian
Emily Perkins Eunice
Robert Torti Coach Pistonek
Lynda Boyd Cheryl
John Pyper-Ferguson Roger
Katie Stuart Maria
Colby Wilson Potensky
Jeffrey Ballard Donner (as Jeff Ballard
Brenda McDonald Old Lady in Beauty Parlor
Patricia Idlette Science Teacher
Ken Kirby Announcer
Alberto Ghisi 9 Year Old Boy
David Richmond-Peck Referee
Mark Acheson Groundskeeper
Dee Jay Jackson Cab Driver (as Deejay Jackson
Debbie Timuss Cheerleader
Michelle Brownlee Cheerleader
Mara Branscombe Cheerleader
Katharine Horsman Cheerleader
Melissa Robertson Cheerleader
Alex Price Cheerleader
Natasha Gorrie Cheerleader
Deena Minichello Cheerleader
Barbara Kottmeier Passing Girl
Chad Krowchuk Guy at School
Cassandra Sawtell Tilt-a-Whirl Girl
Michelle Grigor Terrified Child
Stuart Cowan Tall Nerdy Guy
Aaron Young Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Justin Carvery Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Andrew Hutson Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Luca Bellisome Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Giovanni Valente Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Ivan Estrada Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Glen Krizek Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Evan Turner Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Daniel Rogic Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Alvaro Picado Illyria Boys Soccer Team
Brady Horvath Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Ryan Horvath Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
C.J. Greenside Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Devon Greenside Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Chris D'Andrea Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Meysam Soltani Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Struan Saddler Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Andrew Reed Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Luke Moger Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Riyad Zuber Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Jason Mosberian Cornwall Boys Soccer Team
Sofia Hidalgo Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Deena Sparling Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Melissa Howard Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Nicola Elbro Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Carly Barkley Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Shannon McDonald Cornwall Girls Soccer Team
Sandra-Jessica Couturier Visitors Coach's daughter
Melissa Howard Player on Girls Soccer Team
Michael Kozak Soccer player
Duncan Pattillo Business man on phone
Tania Saulnier Kissing Girl
Adrianna Spence Screaming Girl


This movie, actually, is a modernization of the original "Twelfth Night, or What You Will" by William Shakespeare. Duke (originally Duke Orsino) likes Olivia (originally Countess Olivia) but she does not return his love. When shipwrecked Viola and her twin brother Sebastian are separated and washed ashore (in this movie Viola's soccer team is canceled so she goes to another school disguised as her twin brother to play, where she meets Duke) Viola goes to work for the Duke under the guise of Cesario (a name they have cut from the movie, and a job they technically eliminated for Viola). She acts as his pledge to woo Olivia and when Olivia falls for Cesario (actually Viola disguised as a man) a whole play, or now movies worth of hilarity ensues. All in all, this is very similar to what 10 Thing I Hate About You, and O did for Shakespeares Taming of the Shrew and Othello respectively. If you don't enjoy reading or watching classical Shakespeare, this is the kind of movie for you.


Roll in the aisles funny, a real blast!!, 20 March 2006 Author: Robert W. ( from Ontario, Canada She',s The Man was everything I wanted it to be and maybe even a little more. I love the teen type "chick flick" films and I knew this one would be great!! In the same vein as 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my all time faves) She',s The Man is a unique, well written, very well performed comedy with some of the funniest lines, and physical comedy I have seen in a long time. It',s probably the funniest movie I',ve seen this year (with the exception of the hilarious Pink Panther.) But She',s The Man is actually a more intellectual funny and most of the humor relies on the witty script, "Three',s Company" style story of mistaken identities, and mixed messages, and the cast.Amanda Bynes is a star!! Even since the days of the horribly campy (yet strangely entertaining "The Amanda Show", she has shown a brilliant talent for comedy. She',s probably one of the most talented comediennes out there. Her style of physical comedy, impersonations, and witty dialect makes her hilarious. Previously her big screen debut (where she was the star) was the rather hilarious and well made "What A Girl Wants." If that wasn',t her break out vehicle than She',s The Man takes care of that hands down. Bynes is really the ultimate girl next door. It',s a shame she doesn',t do more big screen work because she could be the next "It" girl. She is the All American, cute, down to earth, bubbly teen (although she',s twenty now) and whether or not she',ll be able to carry her talent and style over to being an adult actor will remain to be seen. But for the purpose of this film she is perfect!! She actually legitimately pulls off the rather outlandish plot of her impersonating her twin brother and makes it believable. Not entirely...but believable enough. Most of the script relies on the comedy of her errors trying to be a guy but it',s just hilarious, non stop laughs. Channing Tatum redeems himself from his deplorable performance in 2005',s "Havoc" by plays Duke. He',s the jock, the captain of the soccer team, and eventually Bynes', object of affection, unfortunately he',s also Sebastian',s room mate (who is Bynes.) He',s a good leading man, and the chemistry is perfect between them. Laura Ramsey is Olivia, who happens to be attracted to Sebastian (who again is Bynes.) She does good as well although her part is small and she doesn',t really effect the rest of the cast one way or another. James Kirk is great in his small role as the real Sebastian. His resemblance to Amanda Bynes is astonishing...they are absolutely believable as twins and further more, from a distance you could understand someone believing Bynes is Sebastian. The rest of the cast all fit in there somewhere and their roles range from brief to more supporting but essentially they are all supporting the story between Bynes and Tatum but everyone is more or less supporting Bynes terrific performance. She easily carries the film with no hesitations and makes it worth while.This is one of those films that shows so much in the trailer and yet it',s not one of those films that when that part comes up it',s not funny anymore. The parts in the trailer that make you laugh are even more hilarious in the actual film. Relative newcomer director Andy Fickman does such an incredible job on this film. He weaves together a potentially complicated storyline and makes it flow naturally and makes everything fall together. The story which is loosely based off of Shakespeares Twelfth Night but it',s remarkable how much they managed to translate over to this modern day film. It',s seemingly completely off the wall but more exact to the classic comedy than you',d think. There isn',t too much to say about a downside except that the last half hour drags a little and also becomes a might predictable but it doesn',t change the hilarity of the first half of the film. Nonetheless you',ll be laughing to tears and it',s one of the funniest films in the theater right now hands down!!! 9/10 Game and Movie forums, Podcast, and Cast Blogs...ALL FOR FREE!!
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She's the Man (2006) - Andy Fickman
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