Chaos (2005)

When the system breaks down... someone is about to get rich.

Original Title : Chaos
Director : Tony Giglio
Writer : Tony Giglio
Genre : Action
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : David Bergstein , Steve Chasman , Michael Derbas , Michael Derbas , Huw Penalt Jones , Michael A. Pierce , Gavin Wilding , Mark Williams
Music : Trevor Jones
Photography : Richard Greatrex
Distributor : Benelux Film Distribution
IMDB ID : 0402910
Official site :
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio


Jason Statham Quentin Conners
Wesley Snipes Lorenz
Ryan Phillippe Shane Dekker
Justine Waddell Inspector Teddy Galloway
Henry Czerny Captain Martin Jenkins
Nicholas Lea Inspector Vincent Durano
Jessica Steen Karen Cross
Rob LaBelle Bank Manager
John Cassini Bernie Callo
Damon Johnson Brendan Dax
Paul Perri Harry Hume
Keegan Connor Tracy Marnie Rollins
Natassia Malthe Gina Lopez
Ty Olsson Damon Richards
Terry Chen Chris Lei
Mike Dopud Lamar Galt
Kimani Ray Smith Bank Teller
Pascale Hutton Pretty Waitress
Michael Adamthwaite SWAT Sniper
Emy Aneke Cop
Garvin Cross SWAT Commander
Aaron Douglas Police Officer
Darcy Laurie Biker
Bill Mondy FBI Agent
Angelique Naude Conners' Girl (scenes deleted
Iris Paluly Forensics Technician
Kirsten Williamson Officer


Two cops, a rookie (Phillippe) and a grizzled vet (Statham), pursue an accomplished bank robber.


Excellent, 13 July 2006 Author: mrshaikat from Melbourne,Australia I will say this is the best movie of Jason Statham.Usually i find Jason is action based film like transporter.But here his intelligent character was really good. This movie has some reality action.All the actors perform perfectly.Wesley Snipes is a continuous performer.I have seen Ryan Phillipe in crash also.But he performed better in chaos. Director really made a good link between chaos theory and movie plot.New kind of bank robbery also impressed me.This movie has a story twist. Before that, the movie seems ordinary .When the twist start, it begins rolling.Overall I can say,this is a really good movie for enjoyment.
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio
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Chaos (2005) - Tony Giglio