Running Scared (2006)

Ready. Aim. Run.

Original Title : Running Scared
Director : Wayne Kramer
Writer : Wayne Kramer
Genre : Action
Country : Germany
Language : English
Producer : Tony Grazia , Andreas Grosch , Stewart Hall , Sammy Lee , Matt Luber , Andrew Pfeffer , Michael A. Pierce , Brett Ratner , Andreas Schmid , Kevan Van Thompson , Jeff G. Waxman
Music : Mark Isham
Photography : Jim Whitaker
Distributor : Media 8 Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive strong brutal violence and language, sexuality and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0404390
Official site :
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poster for "Running Scared" by Wayne Kramer (2006)
Running Scared (2006) - Wayne Kramer


Paul Walker Joey Gazelle
Cameron Bright Oleg Yugorsky
Vera Farmiga Teresa Gazelle
Karel Roden Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky
Johnny Messner Tommy "Tombs" Perello
Ivana Milicevic Mila Yugorsky
Chazz Palminteri Detective Rydell
Alex Neuberger Nicky Gazelle
Michael Cudlitz Sal "Gummy Bear" Franzone
Bruce Altman Dez
Elizabeth Mitchell Edele
Arthur J. Nascarella Frankie Perello (as Arthur Nascarella
John Noble Ivan Yugorsky
Idalis DeLeon Divina
David Warshofsky Pimp Lester
Jim Tooey Tony
Thomas Rosales Jr. Julio
Morgan Johnson Jamaican
Jamba Mulimbwe Jamaican
Maurice Lee Jamaican
Viktor Cervenka Ski Mask
Oakley Lehman Ski Mask
Jan Kohout Pops Gazelle
Jeffrey Smith Paramedic
Karen Joy Cifarelli Police Officer
Brian Caspe Police Officer
Ryan James Orderly
Ellen Savaria Operating Room Nurse
Jiri Simberský Yugorsky Gorilla
Petr Horacek Yugorsky Gorilla
Miroslav Lhotka Yugorsky Gorilla
William Byrd Wilkins Crack Dealer
Ephraim Goldin Crack Dealer
Matthew Blood-Smyth Wino
Julian Littman Pharmacist
Katerina Novotná Pole Cats Waitress
James Lambert Police Officer
Howie Lotker Police Officer
David Monteiro Manny Perez
Jeff Caster Chef
Todd Kramer Police Officer
Clara Perez Conchita
Andrew Jopson Eric
Louise De Stexhe Simone
Eddie Otero Card Player
Andrea Vybiralova Lester's Hooker
Monika Podzimkova Lester's Hooker
Jan Vosmik Russian Skater
Roman Kracik Russian Skater
Glenn Wrage Special Agent in Charge


Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) is a low level mob flunkie who get told to dispose of a gun used for killing some dirty cops. Joey however, hides the gun in the drywall of his basement instead of tossing them in the river. When Joey's 10 year-old son (Alex Neuberger) and his best friend, Oleg (Cameron Bright), witness Joey hiding some guns from a botched drug deal, Oleg steals the gun -- a snub-nosed .38 -- and shoots his abusive stepfather (Karel Roden) with it. Things would be bad enough if the stepfather didn't happen to be the nephew of a psychotic Russian mob boss (John Noble)... who happens to be in business with Joey's crew on a gasoline scam. But now Joey's also got the surviving dirty cop (Chazz Palminteri) from the botched drug deal on his case... and that hot .38 out there on the street, changing hands in an underworld of freaks, pimps, hookers and pedophiles. As well as Oleg, who can connect Joey to the gun. And even if Joey can make it through the night, he's still got to answer to his wife (Vera Farmiga)...


Loved this movie, 7 March 2006 Author: sylore-1 from United States This movie is probably one of the best I've seen in a long while. The action scenes were in your face and looked pretty damn realistic. The special effects were freaking awesome and the director did some really cool stuff which will blow you away. The acting was very believable and the plot worked very well. It reminded me of Training Day the way the story unfolded while we went along for the ride. The plot is freaking awesome and I can't wait to get the DVD. An AWESOME movie!! Definitely must watch this again. The thing to remember when you watch this movie is that it's a ride just sit and enjoy it. I've never felt a need to promote a movie but this one is too good to let others miss it. It is painful to watch in some scenes and at times you're actually totally disgusted once you figure out what's going on. It's crazy the emotions that this movie brings out.