Find Me Guilty (2006)

Sometimes the best defense. . . is a wiseguy.

Original Title : Find Me Guilty
Director : Sidney Lumet
Writer : Sidney Lumet
T.J. Mancini
Robert J. McCrea
Genre : Comedy
Country : Germany
Language : English
Music : Jonathan Tunick
Photography : Ron Fortunato
Distributor : Yari Film Group Releasing
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong language and some violence.
IMDB ID : 0419749
Official site :
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Find Me Guilty (2006) - Sidney Lumet


Vin Diesel Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio
Peter Dinklage Ben Klandis
Linus Roache Sean Kierney
Ron Silver Judge Finestein
Alex Rocco Nick Calabrese
Annabella Sciorra Bella DiNorscio
Raúl Esparza Tony Compagna
Richard Portnow Max Novardis
Robert Stanton Chris Newberger
Marcia Jean Kurtz Sara Stiles
Domenick Lombardozzi Jerry McQueen
Josh Pais Bellman
Dennis Albanese Court Officer
Michalina Almindo Gino's Girlfriend
James Biberi Frank Brentano
Paul Borghese Gino Mascarpone
Rita Branch Juror
Jeff Chena Defendant 13
Tim Cinnante Joey Calabrese
Marcus Allen Cooper Klandis' Special Assistant
Antoni Corone Detective
Richard DeDomenico Tom "Nappy" Napoli
Mario D'Elia DEA Agent
John Louis Fischer DEA Agent
Jerry Grayson Jimmy Katz
Cassandra Hepburn Klandis' Secretary
Lou Irizarry Mob Defendant
Nicole LaPera Tim's Wife
Charles LaPlaca Mob Lawyer
Ben Lipitz Henry Kelsey
Eddie Marrero Visiting Room Guard
Rose Pasquale Roselyn Mascarpone
Frank Pietrangolare Carlo Mascarpone
Nicholas A. Puccio Tedeschi
Joe Rosario Mob Lawyer
Gene Ruffini DeNorsico Senior
Derrick Simmons Prison Guard
Troy Smith Prison Inmate
Vito Violante Mob Lawyer
Roger Zamudio Octavio Juarez
Jerry Adler DiNorscio's Lawyer
David Brown U.S. Marshal
Vinny DeGennaro Danny Roma
John Di Benedetto Jesse
Marshall Factora Prison Guard
Louis Guss Court clerk
Gustave Johnson Prison Doctor
F. Valentino Morales Prisoner
Joseph O'Keefe Juror
Aleksa Palladino Marina
Steven Randazzo Chris Salano
Frank Adonis Mobster on Boat (uncredited
Frank Bonsangue Mob lawyer (uncredited
Dominick Cicco Defense Attorney (uncredited
Renee Fishman Court Stenographer
Rudolph W. Giuliani Himself (archive footage
Shane Moran Cop (uncredited
Nicolas Quilter Gallery Member (uncredited
Johnny Sanchez John Pinero Juror
Stewart Summers Extra (uncredited
Joseph Tudisco Defense Attorney
Vinny Vella Defendant Mobster (uncredited


A drama based on the longest Mafia trial in U.S. history, mobster Jack DiNorscio (Diesel), faced with a series of charges, decides to stand trial instead of ratting out his family and associates. A wrench is thrown into the system when DiNorscio opts to defend himself.


Viesel Dazzles, 21 March 2006 Author: aharmas from United States When I first heard of Sidney Lumet's unorthodox casting lead for this film, I was intrigued because Van Diesel's selection was indeed a daring move. There was little doubt Lumet would err, and he has truly come up with a sensational film and presented us with an outstanding turn by Diesel. The film would have worked and been at least a decent movie because of Lumet's expertise. Getting Diesel to take command of the screen, channel the spirit of the infamous defendant to ultimately convince the audience in both the movie and the theater audience that we were witnessing a rather unique individual.The success of the film hangs on every single line that Diesel delivers. There is conviction and sincerity in his delivery. Here is a character that has a tarnished background, ultimately finds an outlet for a new perspective in life, and runs with it. Eventually, we get to discover he is a more powerful force than we expected.Lumet once again shapes the film with his assured hand, allowing the actors to shine in their respective roles, not interfering with dialog that is practically taken from original transcripts by adding over-dramatic touches or unnecessary inspirational music. There are long silences when we are allowed to reflect on what is taking place in front of us. We see a situation change, witness how the players moves are changed because of unexpected twists in the story, and never is the intensity of true emotions and the power of relationships diluted by a false note. There is a superb scene between Diesel and his ex wife, in a great performance by Sciorra that is both incredibly moving and sexy. These are real people with overpowering feelings and passionate exchanges, and it all comes through because of these two performers' chemistry and electrifying delivery.This is a film that will probably divide its audiences, depending on what you think of the defendant and his connections, but most people will probably agree that a star has been born, and with the support of a masterful director, we can see that he deserves to have a long and fruitful career in front of him. Many people heaped praise on Hoffman not too long ago. I felt Diesel outdid Hoffman because this time the gimmick and the make up felt apart by the soulful approach of a real actor.
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Find Me Guilty (2006) - Sidney Lumet