Prime (2005)

A therapeutic new comedy.

Original Title : Prime
Director : Ben Younger
Writer : Ben Younger
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Mark Gordon , Bradley Jenkel , Anthony Katagas , Jennifer Todd , Suzanne Todd , Bob Yari
Music : Ryan Shore
Photography : William Rexer
Distributor : Focus Features
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 on appeal for sexual content including dialogue, and for language.
IMDB ID : 0387514
Official site :
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Prime (2005) - Ben Younger


Meryl Streep Lisa Metzger
Uma Thurman Rafi Gardet
Bryan Greenberg David Bloomberg
Jon Abrahams Morris
Adriana Biasi Bay Ridge Blonde
David Younger Brother
Palmer Brown Brother
Zak Orth Randall
Annie Parisse Katherine
Aubrey Dollar Michelle
Jerry Adler Sam
Doris Belack Blanch
Ato Essandoh Damien
David Anzuelo Bodega Counterman
Naomi Aborn Dinah Bloomberg
John Rothman Jack Bloomberg
Jonathan Roumie Bakery Counterman
Tadhg O'Mordha Bakery Counterman
Madhur Jaffrey Rita
Gil Deeble Security Guard
Jason McDonald Photographer/Basketball Player
Lotte Mandel Bubi
Eboni Cooper Radjina (as Eboni Summer Cooper
Mick de Lint Fashion Shoot Client
Mini Anden Sue
Tina Farris Rafi's Assistant
Stretch Armstrong House Party DJ
Susie Kantar Carla
Sebastian Sozzi Friend
Jade Yorker Friend
David Costabile Jason
Will McCormack Palmer
Alex Webb Art Collector
Seth Herzog Rafi's Friend
Anne Joyce Young Mother
Beth Skipp Salesperson
Christopher Innvar Rafi's Date
Jennifer Marlowe Il Buco Bartender
Michalina Almindo Dinner guest (uncredited
Stacy Asencio Sutphen Dancer (uncredited
Jerry Baxtron Jr. Bartender (uncredited
James Coyle Security Guard (uncredited
Caroline de Fauw Stylist (uncredited
Vinny DeGennaro Street Thug (uncredited
Dennis Funny Tower Records Window shopper (uncredited
Maria Gundy Girlfriend in a Club (uncredited
Rick Kain Yuppy Dad (uncredited
Adam LaFramboise Bar Patron/Window Shopper (uncredited
Chester Riley Sky Cap (uncredited
Cameron Stevens Bar Patron (uncredited
Nathaniel Stutzman Basketball Player (uncredited
Stewart Summers Extra (uncredited
Valisa Tate Party Goer (uncredited


Prime is a sophisticated, character comedy set in New York City about Rafi (Uma Thurman), a recently divorced 37-year-old career woman from Manhattan and what happens when Dave (Bryan Greenberg), a talented 23-year-old painter from the upper West Side of Manhattan falls in love with her. The film looks at love from everyone's point-of-view friends, relatives and in this case, Rafi's therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep) and follows all who comes apart and some who pull it together, when two people fall in love.


Prime Is Really Funny!, 10 November 2005 Author: wlandolfi-1 from New York, New York Just a few nights ago, I went to the movies with a friend of mine. We both decided to see PRIME partly because we both like Meryl Streep and also, because we heard that the movie was supposed to be funny. Well, we both liked it and not only that, but just about everyone in the theater seemed to feel the same way.As for the story, Uma Thurman plays a newly divorced 37 year old named Rafi who meets up with a 24 year old kid named Dave played by Bryan Greenburg. Before long, they start a relationship together despite the big age difference between the two. That in itself may not be significant. However, what IS significant is that all this time, Rafi is seeing a therapist named Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep) who turns out to be the mother of Dave, Rafi's love interest. What makes the movie so funny, I think, is the fact that we know all the angles by now although the characters don't at first. For instance, I found it very amusing to hear Rafi tell Lisa the intimate sexual details etc. pertaining to Dave because we KNOW exactly where the characters fit in before they do themselves. Perhaps my favorite scene in the movie involving all the main characters is when Lisa and her husband go in a Crate & Barrel store and spy on Dave and Rafi together. What I also found funny and ironic at the same time is that after Lisa discovers that Rafi's boyfriend is none other than her own son Dave, she goes to see a therapist herself to sort out the difficulties SHE now finds herself facing concerning her son's relationship. One of the problems Lisa has is that Rafi is not Jewish.What I would also like to say without giving too much away is that the movie had a realistic ending. Much was made about the age difference between Uma Thurman's character and Bryan Greenburg's character. I think that when push came to shove, their relationship together served a purpose but it was not meant to last as they were much too different. Rafi had been around longer and knew what she wanted and needed in life. Dave was much younger and still needed time to grow as a person. While I find that most movies like this would have a predictable and unrealistic ending, I felt that was not true with this movie. After watching PRIME the other night, I even said to my friend "What do you make of the ending?" because it made me think a little bit and she basically felt the same way. In conclusion, I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys comedy and loves Meryl Streep as she was good in this movie as was Uma Thurman.