Match Point (2006)

Passion Temptation Obsession

Original Title : Match Point
Director : Woody Allen
Writer : Woody Allen
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Letty Aronson , Nicky Kentish Barnes , Lucy Darwin , Charles H. Joffe , Helen Robin , Jack Rollins , Stephen Tenenbaum , Gareth Wiley
Music : Georges Bizet
Gaetano Donizetti
Carlos Gomes
Gioacchino Rossini
Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
Photography : Remi Adefarasin
Distributor : HanWay Films
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some sexuality.
IMDB ID : 0416320
Official site :
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Match Point (2006) - Woody Allen


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Chris Wilton (as Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Alexander Armstrong Mr. Townsend
Paul Kaye Estate Agent
Matthew Goode Tom Hewett
Brian Cox Alec Hewett
Penelope Wilton Eleanor Hewett
Emily Mortimer Chloe Hewett Wilton
Janis Kelly 'La Traviata' Performer
Alan Oke 'La Traviata' Performer
Mark Gatiss Ping-Pong Player
Scarlett Johansson Nola Rice
Philip Mansfield Waiter
Simon Kunz Rod Carver
Geoffrey Streatfield Alan Sinclair
Mary Hegarty 'Rigoletto' Performer
John Fortune John the Chauffeur
Rupert Penry-Jones Henry
Patricia Whymark Telephone Operator
Anthony O'Donnell Custodian
Miranda Raison Heather
Rose Keegan Carol
Zoe Telford Samantha
Margaret Tyzack Mrs. Eastby
Scott Handy Hewetts' Friend
Emily Gilchrist Hewetts' Friend
Selina Cadell Margaret
Georgina Chapman Nola Co-Worker
Colin Salmon Ian
Toby Kebbell Policeman
Steve Pemberton Detective Parry
Ewen Bremner Inspector Dowd
James Nesbitt Detective Banner
Morne Botes Party Guest (uncredited
Dawn Murphy Cloakroom Girl (uncredited


Tennis pro Chris Wilton takes a job as a tennis instructor and hits it off immediately with one of his students, wealthy young Tom Hewitt. Tom introduces Chris to his family and Chris falls quickly into a romance with Tom's sister Chloe. But despite the growing certainty that Chris and Chloe will marry, and the enormous professional and financial advantages that come Chris's way through his relationship with the delighted Hewitt family, Chris becomes increasingly intrigued and eventually romantically involved with Tom's fiancée, Nola Rice, a struggling American actress. Their passionate trysts leave Chris in danger of losing the wealth and position he has now come to enjoy. The only solution to the dilemma seems unthinkable...


"I Don't Care if He's Great, I Just Hope He's Lucky...", 9 January 2006 Author: David H. Schleicher from New Jersey, USA ...and what a great stroke of luck it is to have sat through Woody Allen's latest, "Match Point." Fans of Woody could sense his comeback in the tragedy half of his last effort, "Melinda and Melinda." It was far more compelling than the comedy half, and the philosophical ideas it brought up were the best Woody Allen had given us in a long while. Here with "Match Point" he explores the notion of luck and gives us his best film since....well, since I don't know when. He proves here that when he leaves himself out of the cast, and changes locations (the transition from New York City to London is as flawless as it is invigorating), he can deliver the goods. This film, free of all the typical Allen shtick, and full of noirish twists and surprises, is every bit as good as Robert Altman's "The Player" or "Gosford Park," and like those two films, it's the best kind of return to form you could hope for from a past master.Chris Wilton (played moderately well by Johnathan Rhys Myers, who comes across as a more handsome Joquin Phoenix) is a failed tennis pro from Ireland who gets a plum job at a snobbish country club in London where he meets up with Tom (an appropriately British Matthew Goode), woos his sister, Chloe (an adorable Emily Mortimer), and has an affair with Tom's flighty fiancée, a struggling American actress named Nola (a ravishing Scarlett Johansson). The film starts off like a more refined version of last year's tawdry affair, "Closer," with Allen exploring the love lives of semi-bored, over-educated filthy rich Brits who when not hopping in and out of each other's beds are hob-nobbing at the opera, the latest art exhibit, or lounging around their lavish estates reading and drinking. There's also a hint of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" in its exploration of the class system and Chris' obsession with infiltrating this exclusive and beguiling society. Thankfully, we're spared all of the weirdness of an atrocity like "Ripley," as Allen keeps it all very clean, sheen, clever and classy.The film takes some dark turns and has some operatic overtures, spiced with some Dostoevsky references and plenty of pondering on luck. Allen here doesn't seem to be writing off the need for hard work completely, but to achieve a truly privileged life, where one can get away with just about anything, you better have a lot of luck.
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Match Point (2006) - Woody Allen
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Match Point (2006) - Woody Allen