Confessions of an American Bride (2005)

Original Title : Confessions of an American Bride
Director : Douglas Barr
Writer : Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Les Alexander , Don Enright , Allan Krasnick
Music : Eric Allaman
Photography : Peter Benison
Distributor : Lifetime Channel
IMDB ID : 0445945
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poster for "Confessions of an American Bride" by Douglas Barr (2005)
Confessions of an American Bride (2005) - Douglas Barr


┬Shannon Elizabeth Sam
┬Eddie McClintock Ben Rosen
┬Alan Van Sprang Nancy
┬Reagan Pasternak Anne
┬Mark Melymick Kirsten
┬Jon Cubrt Alan (as Jon Vladimir Cubrt
┬Geoff Stults Luke
┬Melyssa Ade Photographer
┬Alex Appel Rabbi Kaplan
┬Chris Gillett Les Rosen (as Chris Gillett
┬Kathy Maloney China saleswoman
┬Clara Marshall Young Sam
┬Roz Michaels Sheila Rosen
┬Jocelyn Snowdon Dance instructor
┬David Sparrow Plumber
┬Jeanette Tyzer Rival Bride
┬Kennedy McGuckian Prince Charming (uncredited
┬Rob Westgate Henry (uncredited


Sam (Shannon Elizabeth), a soon-to-be bride, faces a dilemma when an old college crush comes back into her life... Who will she choose?


A classic him or him challenge in the mind of an any bride., 17 October 2005 Author: ducuboss from Romania I have to say from the start that the movie is not so bad ... but it has the classic situations and problems that the girls have when they chose the man that will be all in their lives . The plot is good and want's to improve the latest movies that had the same issue but I think they failed to do that because the actors are not so realistic in the way they act . After the first 20 minutes of the movie i said ... well i should be going home by now because i already know who she will chose from the two so there's noting to see but my friends made me stay and i don't regret this because the second part of the movie was a bit more funny and interesting i could say . In the end i will say that you could wait to see this movie at home alone if you don't have anything to do at that time , it will make time passing a little more quickly than normal .