Things To Do (2006)

Let it go, let it fly!

Original Title : Things to Do
Director : Ted Bezaire
Writer : Ted Bezaire
Michael Stasko
Genre : Comedy
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Ted Bezaire , Gerry Lattmann , Cary Mignault , Jeff Penttila , Michael Stasko
Photography : Eric Schiller
Distributor : Mongrel Media
IMDB ID : 0758787
Official site :
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Things To Do (2006) - Ted Bezaire


Amy Ballantyne Julie Bartley
Don Bezaire Bus Driver
Olivia Bezaire Young Girl
Tim Bezaire Information Clerk
Chazrin Blake Young Boy's Mother
Brendan Brode Man 1 at Party
Jessica Chan Rachel
Ross Curzon Carlisle Guest (Man
Santo D'Asaro Donovan
Gary Gerbrandt Ryan Bartley
Jared Gosch Nerd 2
Whitney Kril Girl 2 at Party
Christian Lattman Office Worker
Laurel Mailloux Girl 1 at Party
Pat McManus Bert Stevenson
Jeff Nadalin Dude in Hot Tub
JoAnn Oke Diane Stevenson
Jeff Penttila Man 2 at Party
Pat Perro Carlisle Guest (Young Man
Shane Phillips Corporal Punishment
Justin Raisbeck Man 3 at Party
Ryan Schiller Young Boy
Andrew Schweitzer Nerd 1
Antonio Sclafani Car Salesman
Becky Stasko Young Girl's Mother
Joey Stasko Answering Machine Voice
Michael Stasko Adam Stevenson
Jody Stasko-Nedzelski Carol
Tom Strong Rolly
Dave Tessier Security Guard
Kent Theaker Mr. Pritchard
Pat Thornton Edward
Phillip Wells Mr. Farston
Daniel Wilson Mac


An unstable and indifferent office worker, Adam Stevenson, decides to leave his job and escape to his childhood home to reevaluate his "life strategy". Upon his return, Adam is greeted by the under concern of his baby boom parents and quickly aligns with the lazy comforts of his backyard, yearning for a summer of sulk and solitude. A chance encounter at the grocery store reunites him with Mac, an unusual acquaintance from his past who acts as the perfect catalyst for Adam to turn the wheel of change and rebirth. Together the underachieving duo set out to complete a "Things To Do" list, a collection of bizarre aspirations plucked from the gaps of an incomplete adolescence.


He had to move back home, 22 July 2006 Author: ( from Canada Well it',s all about having to go back home. We',ve done it a million times, you move away things get messed up with the crap job and you go back home. Hope you don',t run into people you know, you find your best friend and search for yourself. This movie is hilarious, like another writer commented, starts a bit slow but does it pick up. The quintessential guy flick, get a beer, some popcorn and get ready to howl. And by the way, the last commenter was right, simple soundtrack but extremely effective, very Good Will Hunting. By the way this was my first post, I',m a movie junkie and am sure I',ll get better with practice.
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Things To Do (2006) - Ted Bezaire
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Things To Do (2006) - Ted Bezaire