Adam And Steve (2005)

the tempting new comedy from the producers of 'Latter Days'

Original Title : Adam & Steve
Director : Craig Chester
Writer : Craig Chester
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Darryl Anderle , Steve Bartlett , George Bendele , Michael O. Gallant , Kermit Johns , Vince P. Maggio , Mark E. Sackett , Paul Sun , Kirkland Tibbels , G. Sterling Zinsmeyer
Music : Roddy Bottum
Photography : Carl Bartels
Brian Pryzpek
Distributor : TLA Releasing
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexual content, language, drug use and some crude humor.
IMDB ID : 0372122
Official site :
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Adam And Steve (2005) - Craig Chester


┬Craig Chester Adam Bernstein
┬Malcolm Gets Steve Hicks
┬Parker Posey Rhonda
┬Chris Kattan Michael
┬Sally Kirkland Mary
┬Julie Hagerty Shelia
┬Cary Curran Cary/Cherry Dazzle
┬Noah Segan Twink
┬Jackie Beat Himself
┬Mario Diaz Orlando
┬Lisa Frederickson Fiona
┬Sandy Martin Biker Chick
┬Michael Panes Lou
┬Jennifer Echols Triage Nurse
┬Jack Guzman Security Guard
┬Maxine Prescott Elderly Lady
┬Brandon Miller Survivalist
┬Augie Amarino Drunk Patron
┬Steve Geary Andy
┬Na Shi La Ling Ling
┬Todd Robert Anderson Charlie
┬Melinda Dillon Dottie
┬Thomas Kopache Joe
┬Nadya Ginsburg Miranda
┬Kristen Schaal Ruth
┬Paul Sand Norm
┬Dennis James Ignarra Juice Bar Guy
┬Deborah Lemen Blonde Woman (as Deb Lemen
┬David Pevsner Man in Hospital
┬Justin Christopher Pretty Boy Dazzle
┬Shannon Robert Bowen Robbie Dazzle
┬Viva Ruiz Propecia Destiny Dazzle
┬Gregg Guinta Vinnie Dazzle
┬J. Todd Phillips Hole Dazzle
┬James Cavera Sochny Dazzle
┬Linsey Bostwick Edible Dazzle
┬Ronnie Allan Rodeo Dancer
┬Evereth Lopez Rodeo Dancer
┬Tony Cordell Rodeo Dancer
┬Scott Simmons Rodeo Dancer
┬Jimmy Cervera Rodeo Dancer
┬Kevin Alexander Stea Rodeo Dancer
┬Troy Christian Rodeo Dancer
┬Boy Thomas Rodeo Dancer
┬Marco Antonio De La Cruz Rodeo Dancer
┬Jonathan Todd Rodeo Dancer
┬Dominic Chaiduang Rodeo Dancer
┬Eric Underwood Rodeo Dancer
┬Scott Grossman Rodeo Dancer
┬Quinton Weathers Rodeo Dancer
┬Ryan Heffington Rodeo Dancer
┬Scott Hislop Rodeo Dancer (as Scott Alan Hislop
┬Randy Blair Birdwatcher
┬Robert Boileau Birdwatcher
┬Kent Fuher Rebecca
┬Patricia Mizen Nurse
┬Alyxx Morgen Mom
┬Jack Plotnick Mime
┬Hiram Jacob Segarra George the homeless man
┬Jonathan Weber Club Goer


Follows two New York city couples -- one heterosexual(Posey, Kattan) and one gay (Chester, Gets) who explore the peaks and the valleys of their respective relationships.


delicious little date movie, 3 April 2006 Author: thelastjunglist from Big City, USA Romantic comedies are formulaic and predictable. Still, there',s such a thing as a "superior" genre film, and Adam & Steve is one of the lamentably few that rate that description. Although it',s a gay romance, there',s nothing that made me as a straight guy remotely uncomfortable. I do think the fact that gay actors played gay characters made things a bit more fluid- much better than, say, "Jeffrey," which featured straight actors overacting gay.I laughed a lot more than I remember doing at any Rom-com in recent memory. Parker Posey really stole the show for me, but I',ve always been a fan of hers. The romantic aspect of the film is campy and farcical to the point of absurdity, and hence didn',t bother me too much- and the jokes are constant and quality.If I were to register any criticism, it would be of the generic plot devices- hidden identity, comical misunderstandings, the obligatory Rom-com chase-across-town-before-it',s-too-late. But as I said, it',s a genre film, and well done for what it is.