Adam And Steve (2005)

the tempting new comedy from the producers of 'Latter Days'

Original Title : Adam & Steve
Director : Craig Chester
Writer : Craig Chester
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Darryl Anderle , Steve Bartlett , George Bendele , Michael O. Gallant , Kermit Johns , Vince P. Maggio , Mark E. Sackett , Paul Sun , Kirkland Tibbels , G. Sterling Zinsmeyer
Music : Roddy Bottum
Photography : Carl Bartels
Brian Pryzpek
Distributor : TLA Releasing
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexual content, language, drug use and some crude humor.
IMDB ID : 0372122
Official site :
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poster for "Adam And Steve" by Craig Chester (2005)
Adam And Steve (2005) - Craig Chester


Craig Chester Adam Bernstein
Malcolm Gets Steve Hicks
Parker Posey Rhonda
Chris Kattan Michael
Sally Kirkland Mary
Julie Hagerty Shelia
Cary Curran Cary/Cherry Dazzle
Noah Segan Twink
Jackie Beat Himself
Mario Diaz Orlando
Lisa Frederickson Fiona
Sandy Martin Biker Chick
Michael Panes Lou
Jennifer Echols Triage Nurse
Jack Guzman Security Guard
Maxine Prescott Elderly Lady
Brandon Miller Survivalist
Augie Amarino Drunk Patron
Steve Geary Andy
Na Shi La Ling Ling
Todd Robert Anderson Charlie
Melinda Dillon Dottie
Thomas Kopache Joe
Nadya Ginsburg Miranda
Kristen Schaal Ruth
Paul Sand Norm
Dennis James Ignarra Juice Bar Guy
Deborah Lemen Blonde Woman (as Deb Lemen
David Pevsner Man in Hospital
Justin Christopher Pretty Boy Dazzle
Shannon Robert Bowen Robbie Dazzle
Viva Ruiz Propecia Destiny Dazzle
Gregg Guinta Vinnie Dazzle
J. Todd Phillips Hole Dazzle
James Cavera Sochny Dazzle
Linsey Bostwick Edible Dazzle
Ronnie Allan Rodeo Dancer
Evereth Lopez Rodeo Dancer
Tony Cordell Rodeo Dancer
Scott Simmons Rodeo Dancer
Jimmy Cervera Rodeo Dancer
Kevin Alexander Stea Rodeo Dancer
Troy Christian Rodeo Dancer
Boy Thomas Rodeo Dancer
Marco Antonio De La Cruz Rodeo Dancer
Jonathan Todd Rodeo Dancer
Dominic Chaiduang Rodeo Dancer
Eric Underwood Rodeo Dancer
Scott Grossman Rodeo Dancer
Quinton Weathers Rodeo Dancer
Ryan Heffington Rodeo Dancer
Scott Hislop Rodeo Dancer (as Scott Alan Hislop
Randy Blair Birdwatcher
Robert Boileau Birdwatcher
Kent Fuher Rebecca
Patricia Mizen Nurse
Alyxx Morgen Mom
Jack Plotnick Mime
Hiram Jacob Segarra George the homeless man
Jonathan Weber Club Goer


Follows two New York city couples -- one heterosexual(Posey, Kattan) and one gay (Chester, Gets) who explore the peaks and the valleys of their respective relationships.


delicious little date movie, 3 April 2006 Author: thelastjunglist from Big City, USA Romantic comedies are formulaic and predictable. Still, there',s such a thing as a "superior" genre film, and Adam & Steve is one of the lamentably few that rate that description. Although it',s a gay romance, there',s nothing that made me as a straight guy remotely uncomfortable. I do think the fact that gay actors played gay characters made things a bit more fluid- much better than, say, "Jeffrey," which featured straight actors overacting gay.I laughed a lot more than I remember doing at any Rom-com in recent memory. Parker Posey really stole the show for me, but I',ve always been a fan of hers. The romantic aspect of the film is campy and farcical to the point of absurdity, and hence didn',t bother me too much- and the jokes are constant and quality.If I were to register any criticism, it would be of the generic plot devices- hidden identity, comical misunderstandings, the obligatory Rom-com chase-across-town-before-it',s-too-late. But as I said, it',s a genre film, and well done for what it is.