Fanfan la Tulipe (1952)

Original Title : Fanfan la Tulipe
Director : Christian-Jaque
Writer : René Wheeler
René Fallet
Henri Jeanson
René Wheeler
Henri Jeanson
Genre : Adventure
Country : Italy
Language : French + Russian
Producer : Francis Cosne , Georges Dancigers , Alexandre Mnouchkine
Music : Maurice Thiriet
Georges Van Parys
Photography : Christian Matras
Distributor : Cetera International
IMDB ID : 0044602
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Fanfan la Tulipe (1952) - Christian-Jaque


Gérard Philipe Fanfan La Tulipe (as Gérard Philipe du Théatre National Populaire
Gina Lollobrigida Adeline La Franchise
Marcel Herrand Louis XV
Olivier Hussenot Tranche-Montagne
Henri Rollan Le maréchal d'Estrée (as Henri Rollan de la Comédie Française
Nerio Bernardi La Franchise
Jean-Marc Tennberg Lebel (as Jean Marc Tennberg
Geneviève Page La marquise de Pompadour
Sylvie Pelayo Henriette de France
Lolita De Silva La dame d'honneur (as Lolita de Silva
Irène Young Marion
Georgette Anys Madame Tranche-Montagne
Hennery Guillot
Lucien Callamand Le maréchal de Brandebourg
Gil Delamare Un soldat
Jackie Blanchot Un soldat
Joé Davray Un soldat (as Joe Davray
Gérard Buhr Un soldat
Georges Demas Le capitaine de la Houlette
Noël Roquevert Fier-à-Bras
Jean Debucourt La voix de l'historien (as Jean Debucourt de la Comédie Française
Hiram Sherman Narrator (English version


Fanfan is a young handsome peasant. He joins the army to escape marriage and because a gipsy girl predicted he will get glory and the king's daughter as a wife. But the gipsy girl was in fact Adeline, the daughter of the recruiting officer. Once he has discovered the stratagem, Fanfan refuses to forget this dream and decides to fulfill the destiny of the fake prediction. Fantastic swashbuckling adventures in a 18th century setting, with a light criticism of the war and the mighty.


Slasher Movie, 18 June 2005 Author: writers_reign from London, England The nearest I ever came to seeing this was a clip shown at a Gerard Philippe exposition in Paris about two years ago. I had no interest in the remake and having just caught up with the original just over half a century after it was made I can only conclude that the inept fencing was intentional, aimed at a long obsolete target. Hollywood had been doing realistic sword fights since the 30s when the greatest of them all, Basil Rathbone, crossed foils with Errol Flynn and others so the technique was available and so that leaves only satire. After a while you don't notice and revel in the Henri Jeanson dialogue reminiscent of the Prisoner Of Zenda, both versions. Gerard Philippe certainly had the presence to bring off a role like this and Gina Lollabrigida was probably a tad better than Martine Carol, the other obvious candidate at the time. The print I saw was particularly bad and at one point broke down completely so maybe a DVD version would enhance it.