Wassup Rockers (2005)

Original Title : Wassup Rockers
Director : Larry Clark
Writer : Larry Clark
Larry Clark
Matthew Frost
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Larry Clark , Arianne Fraser , Patrick Meehan , Terry Spazek , Sharon Stone , Kevin Turen , Rudy Van Zyl , Henry Winterstern
Music : Harry Cody
Photography : Steve Gainer
Distributor : Ad Vitam
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive language, some violence, sexual content and teen drinking.
IMDB ID : 0413466
Official site :
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Wassup Rockers (2005) - Larry Clark


¬Jonathan Velasquez Jonathan
¬Francisco Pedrasa Kiko
¬Milton Velasquez Milton/Spermball
¬Yunior Usualdo Panameno Porky
¬Eddie Velasquez Eddie
¬Luis Rojas-Salgado Louie
¬Carlos Velasco Carlos
¬Iris Zelaya Iris
¬Ashley Maldonado Rosalia
¬Laura Cellner Jade
¬Jessica Steinbaum Nikki
¬Chris Neville Beverly Hills Cop
¬Jeremy Scott Andre
¬David Livingston Beverly Hills Actor
¬Joe Myles Beverly Hills Detective
¬Janice Dickinson Beverly Hills Actress
¬James Martinez Bicycle Cop
¬Alex Gonzalez Arturo
¬Orlando Ramirez Driver
¬Sergio Mangana Gunman
¬Roman Ruiz Gunman
¬Magnolia 'Claudia' Rivas Jonathan's Mother
¬Ana Maria Milton's Mother
¬Sharmane Stokes GPS Girl
¬Monique Patrice GPS Girl
¬Hakika Schuler GPS Girl
¬Terrence 'Reemo' Pierson Pushing Kid
¬Bettye C. Poydras Teacher
¬Cindy Velasquez Jonathan's Sister
¬Jorge Melendez George
¬Carlos Melendez Rusty
¬Lilliana Rodriguez Lilly
¬Michael Ng Bicycle Cop
¬Michael Groeneveld Blane
¬Bryce Blue Berkley
¬Andrew Cohen Tool
¬Annique Delphine Tall Girl
¬Jacque Brautbar Party Guest
¬Sam Spiegel Party Guest
¬Andres Londono Tool
¬Scott Jerell Party Guest
¬Zumi Rosow Party Guest
¬Chris Thurman Andre's Flunky
¬Fanny Veliz Actor's Maid
¬Cynthia Alvarado Phone Maid
¬Nubit Arevalo Phone Maid
¬Wanda Rovira Actress's Maid
¬Margarita Lugo Actress's Maid
¬Ron Martinez Manuel
¬J. Aviance Bouncer
¬Heidi Hawking Stripper (as Heidi Lee Hawking
¬Christian Redd Black Gangster
¬Andre Nickerson Black Gangster
¬Brittany Dixon Black Gangster
¬Ana Harrison Milton's Mom (as Ana Maria
¬Shahla Kareen Party Guest
¬Danny Minnick Disc Jockey


Instead of adhering to the norms of their South Central neighborhood, a group of skater boys opt to bus into Hollywood and Beverly Hills, where they attract local rich girls - and plenty of trouble with the police, jealous boyfriends, and nervous parents.


A Little Day Bosch all Over the Southland......, 9 April 2006 Author: waynestedman from Paris Clark has hit his stride with this one. Sort of aiming the camera and letting the story flow. It feels like that at least. It is getting a good ride here in Paris, where his films are very well known and admired. One quibble, there is a scene where the new Metro line is going the wrong way for the story..... South Central is not at Redondo Beach... but that is small time. He poetically captures the feel of the metro on the freeway, unique. He could have filmed a bit more when the kids head down into the new Supercamp Metro station at Hollywood and Vine. The Oscars used to be handed out right there at the Pantages, and it is the last thing you see going down into the metro, if you turn around and look back across Hollywood Blvd, the first thing when you come up out the vast new metro system there, too. In a way, this is Clark',s homage to Hollywood, and all of that. If you want a quick study of L.A.',s many minorities, ride the new Metro lines. It is cheap cheap cheap and fun. Loved the way the kids all corrected everybody about their origins, this is not after all a film about East L.A., which has been there forever, it is about the kids of the Central Americans maids, etc., who live in South Central, on the way to Long Beach. The actor with the gun looked so much, sounded so much like the middle generation motorcycle guy of the famous Hollywood acting Dynasty famed for Grapes of Wrath, Barbarella, They Shoot Horses Don',t They, that i was surprised to check the credits just now and learn that it was not Mr. Peter in the role of the man with the gun in his back yard. Maybe it really was Mr. Peter, but too shy to admit it. Do not go to this film expecting to find a story out of the Garden of Earthly Delights, which Hollywood now knows about, after so many day trips to the Prado. A Kellerman story, complete with gay friendliness, this definitely is NOT. On the other hand, there is no Gay Unfriendliness either. Enjoy............
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Wassup Rockers (2005) - Larry Clark
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Wassup Rockers (2005) - Larry Clark