Shadowboxer (2005)

Feeling Protected Is Very Seductive

Original Title : Shadowboxer
Director : Lee Daniels
Writer : William Lipz
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Marvet Britto , Lisa Cortes , Lee Daniels , Damon Dash , Thomas Fatone , Valerie Hoffman , Brook Lenfest , Chase Lenfest , Dawn Lenfest , Doreen S. Oliver-Akinnuoye , Sharon Pinkenson , Dave Robinson , Simone Sheffield , Tucker Tooley
Music : Mario Grigorov
Photography : M. David Mullen
Distributor : Audiovisual
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong graphic violence and sexuality, nudity, language and some drug use.
IMDB ID : 0396857
Official site :
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Shadowboxer (2005) - Lee Daniels


¬Helen Mirren Rose
¬Cuba Gooding Jr. Mikey
¬Stephen Dorff Clayton
¬Vanessa Ferlito Vickie
¬Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dr. Don
¬Macy Gray Neisha
¬Wendy Baron Young Rose
¬Shaun Brewington Young Mikey
¬Cullen Flynn Clancy Anthony at Seven
¬Tomy Dunster Gerald
¬Matt Higgins Eddie
¬Terria Joseph Gloria
¬Laura Kirby Woman
¬Jack Krizmanich Tommy
¬Atif Lanier The Hand
¬Gage Miller Anthony at One
¬Noel Murano A.J.
¬Angel Oquendo Lamar
¬Tom Pasch Andrew
¬Ryan Sands Ramone
¬Maria Soccor Clayton's Other Woman
¬David Von Roehm Broker in Park
¬Marilyn Yoblick Mehta
¬Julia Yorks Angela
¬Mo'Nique Precious
¬Marvina Vinique Mikey's Mother
¬Darnell Williams Mikey's Father
¬Alex Avant Man in Lobby (uncredited
¬Scott Hatfield Agitated Train Commuter (uncredited
¬Rick Kain Gay Man in Lobby (uncredited
¬Scott Yannick Train Commuter (uncredited


When Rose (Helen Mirren), a female assassin, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she decides to carry out one final killing, contracted by psycho gangster Clayton (Stephen Dorff). Rose is to kill pregnant Clayton's wife Vickie (Vanessa Ferlito) whom Clayton thinks she's been cheating on him, assisted by lover and also stepson, Mickey (Cuba Gooding Jr). Though, Vickie is pregnant, and the panic issued by the threat on her life when Rose burst in her room triggers the birth. Rose decides to spare Vickie's and the new born baby's lives, against Mikey better judgement. All of them have now to hide, hoping that Clayton will never learn the truth and find them..


Breaking All the Rules, 25 July 2006 Author: sunbowei from United States Breaking conventional rules, Shadowboxer is dark, sexy, and very violent. On many levels the movie is uncomfortable to watch. All of the characters are flawed and the brazen sexuality and raw emotional performances, by a superb cast, is hard to watch at times. This is no popcorn movie but a thesis on age, sex, family, and violence. The direction was a little heavy handed, and in some scenes, it overshadowed the actors. Expect to see more in the future from Mo',nique in her break out role, and Macy Gray, as usual, was entertaining to watch. Cuba Gooding Jr, looking not much older than he was in the "Show me the money" days in his Oscar winning performance in Jerry Maguire, is superb. In fact, I think that his is an important role in the history of film. A black man as an object of sexual desire by an older white woman certainly breaks the norms. Their intimate relationship will test your own beliefs on age and race. But by the time you figure out where you stand, another scene will give you reason to pause and think. And I guess that',s what I like most about the film--being forced to confront issues I rarely think about and being entertained at the same time.
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Shadowboxer (2005) - Lee Daniels