Carlito's Way (1993)

Original Title : Carlito's Way
Director : Brian De Palma
Writer : Edwin Torres
David Koepp
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Willi B√§r , Martin Bregman , Michael Scott Bregman , Ortwin Freyermuth , Judith Stevens , Louis A. Stroller
Music : Patrick Doyle
Photography : Stephen H. Burum
Distributor : Argentina Video Home (AVH)
IMDB ID : 0106519
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poster for "Carlito's Way" by Brian De Palma (1993)
Carlito's Way (1993) - Brian De Palma


¬Al Pacino Carlito 'Charlie' Brigante
¬Sean Penn David Kleinfeld
¬Penelope Ann Miller Gail
¬John Leguizamo Benny Blanco (from the Bronx
¬Ingrid Rogers Steffie
¬Luis Guzm√°n Pachanga (as Luis Guzman
¬James Rebhorn Dist. Atty. Norwalk
¬Joseph Siravo Vincent 'Vinnie' Taglialucci
¬Viggo Mortensen Lalin
¬Richard Foronjy Pete Amadesso
¬Jorge Porcel Saso (Ron
¬Frank Minucci Tony Taglialucci
¬Adrian Pasdar Frankie Taglialucci
¬John Ortiz Guajiro (as John Augstin Ortiz
¬√Āngel Salazar Walberto
¬Al Israel Rolando
¬Rick Aviles Quisqueya
¬Jaime S√°nchez Rudy (as Jaime Sanchez
¬Edmonte Salvato Joe Battaglia (Big Guy
¬Paul Mazursky Judge Feinstein
¬Tera Tabrizi Club Date
¬V√≠ctor Sierra Kid
¬Caesar Cordova Barber
¬Jon Seda Dominican
¬Ruben Rivera Dominican
¬Sherie Mambru Girlfriend
¬Brenda Hernandez Girlfriend
¬Elliot Santiago Knifeman
¬Frank Ferrara Manzanero
¬John Hoyt Club Bouncer
¬Chuck Zito Club Bouncer
¬Steven Puente Club Bouncer
¬Tony Cucci Club Bouncer
¬Alfred Sauchelli Jr. Bodyguard
¬Anthony Calanese Bodyguard (as Anthony Catanese
¬Sam Weber Bodyguard
¬Sonny Zito Bodyguard
¬Walter T. Meade Jackson Corrections Officer
¬Michael Hadge Diamond Room Man
¬Richard Council Diamond Room Man
¬Lindsay Lombardi Diamond Room Dancer
¬James Bulleit Louie
¬Crystal Haney Estate Party Woman
¬Gregory Misciagno Italian at Copa
¬Mel Gorham Pachanga's Date
¬Rocco Sisto Panama Hatman
¬John Finn Duncan
¬Brian Tarantina Speller
¬Jaime Tirelli Valentin
¬Owen Hollander Cab Driver
¬John Michael Bolger Cop
¬Ralph Destino Jr. Cop
¬Vincent Jerosa Cop
¬Luke Toma Cop
¬Frank Pietrangolare Cop
¬Mike Girard Sheehan Cop (as Mike Sheehan
¬Dean Rader-Duval Med Tech
¬Gene Canfield Train Conductor
¬Sharmagne Leland-St. John Woman at Grand Central
¬Rene Rivera Bartender
¬Orlando Urdaneta Bartender
¬Troy A. Hawes Solicitor at Go-Go Club
¬Kim Rideout Gail's Friend at Dance Studio
¬Drita Barak Club Patron
¬Christopher Bregman Club Patron
¬Natalia Ray Club Patron
¬Joe Conzo Club Patron
¬Gaetano Lisi Club Patron (as Gaetano 'Tom' Lisi
¬Debra Niewald Club Patron
¬Christina Murphy Waitress
¬Julieta Ortega Waitress (as Juliette Ortega
¬Mary Hammett Waitress (as Mary C. Hammett
¬Debbie Benitez Dancer
¬Roberta Mathes Dancer
¬Freddy Rios Dancer
¬Mike Ramos Dancer
¬Yelba Osorio Blanco's Girlfriend (as Yelba Matamoros
¬Nelson Vasquez Blanco Associate
¬Jason Daryn Party Waiter
¬Dan Brennan Party Guest
¬Michael P. Moran Party Guest (as Michael Moran
¬Vincent Pastore Copa Wiseguy
¬Garry Pastore Copa Wiseguy (as Garry Blackwood
¬Cynthia Lamontagne Woman at Elevator
¬Bo Dietl Casino Man
¬Kato Casino Man
¬James V. Miller Black Jack Dealer
¬Marc Anthony Latin Band at Disco
¬Cindy Birch Afro Waitress (uncredited
¬Gino Cafarelli Salsa Dancer (uncredited
¬Robert DaGasta Hippie (uncredited
¬Pete Macnamara Brazilian Band Member (uncredited
¬Charles Malota Party Attendee By Pool (uncredited
¬Daniel Margotta Monchin (uncredited
¬Daisy Martinez Party Extra (uncredited
¬Coati Mundi Street Musician (uncredited
¬Saundra Santiago Club Patron Dancing with Carlito (uncredited
¬Frank Sepe (uncredited
¬Enrique Veloz Club Patron (uncredited
¬Bill Weeden Party Animal (uncredited


A Puerto Rican ex-con pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but finds himself being dragged back by his past connections and the naive machinations of his lawyer and best friend. Hoping to raise enough money to get away from New York, Carlito Brigante takes on the job of running a nightclub, renews an affair with a dancer but old associates and old instincts suck him back into a world of violence and mistrust.


Great story, great acting, 17 March 2005 Author: rory mckenna from High Wycombe England Right well I can say this is one of my favourite gangster films ever, and I truly regard it almost as highly as good fellas or the godfather.This is simply because of the way the story catches you. Pacino delivers an excellent performance (do you really expect any less from him?) as the main guy Carlito who just wants out of the whole gangster game. By his side is the almost unrecognisable Sean Penn. An afro wearing cocaine addict who just seems determined to lure Carlito back into the kind of world he is trying to leave.This film is easy to enjoy with a great story and a great cast. And if you look carefully enough you can see a young Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn from lord of the rings in case you don't know) as a crippled low life. Made me chuckle.Anyways, i give this movie 10/10