Love For Rent (2005)

Would you rent your body and soul for $50,000?

Original Title : Love for Rent
Director : Shane Edelman
Writer : Andrew Miles
Brian D. Young
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Alvaro Albarracin , Jimmy Holcomb , Terence Michael , Jose Santos , David Schulz
Music : Jeff Cardoni
Photography : David Rush Morrison
Distributor : MiamiLA Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language including some sexual references.
IMDB ID : 0386603
Official site :
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Love For Rent (2005) - Shane Edelman


Angie Cepeda Sofia
Ken Marino Dr. Neil Gardner
Martita Roca Monica
Nora Dunn Helen Bauman
Jim Piddock Frank Bauman
Max Burkholder Max
Brad Rowe Jesse
Richard Speight Jr. George
Hunter Johnson Zoe
Lillian Adams Mrs. Goldfarb
Rae Allen Gwen
Ryan Armstrong Ken
Lilli Birdsell Chaney
Scott Burkholder Principal Jones
Diana Castle Dr. Langdon
Precious Chong Binnie
Shane Edelman Dennis (Restaurant Employer
Matthew Fairchild Brad
Robert Harvey INS Agent (as Bob Harvey
Jeanine Jackson Wendy
Chane't Johnson Cashier
Andy Milder Paramedic
Meredith Morton Shelly
Mitch Ryan Doctor
Tony Sagastizado I Paramedic
David Shackelford Tony
Josh Stamberg Paul
Jeanne Trepanier Nurse Reynolds
Jack Wallace Uncle Todd


Tells the story of Sofia (Angie Cepeda), a Colombian college student struggling with immigration issues in LA, who accepts a $50,000 offer to rent her body and soul and become a surrogate mother to a wealthy couple.


Great movie for romantics, 2 September 2005 Author: ( from Plantation, FL, United States I saw this movie as part of The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Although the movie had many technical issues (e.g., the boom is visible in about 30% of the film), I was so won over by the storyline and the characters that I forgot about them. The difficulty of making a good romantic comedy is that the format is standardized (guy meets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl). Given that, it is probably a little harder to suspend disbelief for those that are not romantics themselves. I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend it for those that like their romantic comedies with a little bit of wit and intelligence.Note: I hate to write reviews that boil down to, "People who like this sort of thing will like this.", but there it is.
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Love For Rent (2005) - Shane Edelman