Cinderella Man (2005)

One man's extraordinary fight to save the family he loved.

Original Title : Cinderella Man
Director : Ron Howard
Writer : Cliff Hollingsworth
Cliff Hollingsworth
Akiva Goldsman
Genre : Biography
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Brian Grazer , Todd Hallowell , Ron Howard , Penny Marshall , Kathleen McGill , Louisa Velis , James Whitaker
Music : Thomas Newman
Photography : Salvatore Totino
Distributor : Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for intense boxing violence and some language.
IMDB ID : 0352248
Official site :
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Cinderella Man (2005) - Ron Howard


┬Russell Crowe Jim Braddock
┬Ren├ęe Zellweger Mae Braddock
┬Paul Giamatti Joe Gould
┬Craig Bierko Max Baer
┬Paddy Considine Mike Wilson
┬Bruce McGill Jimmy Johnston
┬David Huband Ford Bond
┬Connor Price Jay Braddock
┬Ariel Waller Rosemarie Braddock
┬Patrick Louis Howard Braddock
┬Rosemarie DeWitt Sara Wilson
┬Linda Kash Lucille Gould
┬Nicholas Campbell Sporty Lewis
┬Gene Pyrz Jake
┬Chuck Shamata Father Rorick
┬Ron Canada Joe Jeanette
┬Alicia Johnston Alice
┬Troy Amos-Ross John Henry Lewis
┬Mark Simmons Art Lasky
┬Art Binkowski Corn Griffin
┬David Litzinger Abe Feldman
┬Matthew G. Taylor Primo Carnera
┬Rance Howard Announcer Al Fazin
┬James Ritz Official - Griffin/Baer Fight
┬Fulvio Cecere Referee McAvoy
┬Clint Howard Referee
┬Gerry Ellison Referee
┬Bill Mackie Referee
┬Ray Marsh Referee
┬Fernand Chretien Referee
┬Dave Dunbar Referee
┬Ken James Ancil Hoffman
┬Rufus Crawford Lewis Coach
┬Angelo Dundee Angelo the Cornerman
┬Lou Eisen Braddock Cornerman
┬Wayne Gordon Braddock Cornerman
┬Wayne Flemming Baer Cornerman
┬Nick Alachiotis Baer Cornerman/Undercard Boxer - Feldman
┬Christopher D. Amos Lewis Cornerman
┬Nick Carusi Lewis Cornerman
┬Keith Murphy Lasky Cornerman
┬Everton McEwan Lasky Cornerman
┬John Kalbhenn Lasky Cornerman (as Johnny Kalbhenn
┬David Georgieff Griffin Cornerman
┬Wayne Bourque Griffin Cornerman
┬Paul Ryan Griffin Cornerman
┬Sean Gilroy Feldman Cornerman
┬Michael McNamara Feldman Cornerman
┬Billy Wine Carnera Cornerman
┬Richard Sutton Carnera Cornerman
┬Michael Chin Carnera Cornerman
┬Stewart Lunn Campbell Cornerman
┬Richard Lewis Campbell Cornerman
┬Peter Wylie Campbell Cornerman
┬Thomasz Kurzydlowski Tuffy Griffith
┬Stuart Clark Frankie Campbell
┬Julian Lewis Undercard Boxer - Feldman
┬Eric Fink Announcer - Lasky
┬Sergio Di Zio Young Reporter
┬Gavin Grazer Reporter
┬Boyd Banks Reporter
┬Daniel Kash Reporter
┬Judah Katz Reporter
┬Angelo Tsarouchas Reporter
┬Robert N. Smith Reporter (as Robert Smith
┬Craig Warnock 1928 Fan
┬Aaron Abrams 1928 Fan
┬Duff MacDonald 1935 Fan
┬Andrew Stelmack 1935 Fan
┬Christopher Crumb 1935 Fan (as Chris Crumb
┬Gerry Quigley Quincy
┬Peter MacNeill Electric Man
┬Darrin Brown Promoter
┬John Healy Dock Worker
┬Peter Didiano Dock Worker
┬James Kirchner Dock Worker
┬Mike Langlois Dock Worker
┬Magdalena Alexander Angry Woman
┬Nola Augustson Relief Office Woman
┬Gino Marrocco Waiter
┬Mark Taylor George
┬Sharron Matthews Lady
┬Alec Stockwell Church Man
┬Chick Roberts Church Old Man
┬Isabella Fink Church Girl
┬Beau Starr Sam
┬Philip Craig Radio Commentator
┬Roman Podhora Hooverville Cop
┬R.D. Reid Hooverville Cop
┬Michael Dyson Hooverville Man
┬Sam Malkin Gibson
┬Tony Munch Sam Penny
┬Conrad Bergschneider Limo Driver
┬Richard Binsley Announcer - Griffith
┬Ramona Pringle Flapper Girl
┬Katrina Matthews Swain Flapper Girl
┬Cooper Bracken Jay Braddock - 4 years
┬Jacob Bracken Jay Braddock - 4 years
┬Alon Nashman Deserting Father
┬Dominic Cuzzocrea Junket (as Domenic Cuzzocrea
┬Neil Foster Security Guard
┬Brian Jagersky Cop
┬Ray Kerr Fight Promoter
┬Tim Eddis Fight Promoter
┬Dave Arkell Mr. Mills
┬Debra Sherman Mother
┬Joanne Ritcey Baer Hotel Hottie
┬Alex Cairns Baer Hotel Hottie
┬George Duff Man on Street
┬Tim Burd Man in Soup Line (uncredited
┬Krysta Carter Fluzy (uncredited
┬Gary Clayderburg Hooverville Man (uncredited
┬James Donohue Baer's Police Officer
┬Amy Lomasney Bridget (uncredited
┬Kennedy McGuckian Rich Kid (uncredited
┬Liam McGuckian Rich Kid (uncredited
┬Michael C. Newsome Cad in Armory (uncredited
┬Andrew Priestman Ring Photographer (uncredited
┬Banjamin Rage Ringside Reporter (uncredited
┬Riley Raymer Woman (uncredited
┬Jake Richards Reporter (uncredited
┬Nick Smith Ringside Photographer (uncredited
┬Michael Stevens Hooverville Man (uncredited
┬Egidio Tari Cop In Ring (uncredited
┬Nancy E.L. Ward Mae Braddocks Aunt (uncredited


In the North American Great Depression, the former successful boxer James Braddock (Russell Crowe) loses all his possessions and savings with the crash of the stock market. His beloved wife Mae Braddock (Ren├ęe Zellweger) and their three children survive to starvation and lack of heating and the daily difficulties supported by their love. In 1934, when Jim's couch and manager Joe Gould (Paul Giamatti) offers to him a chance to return to boxing, he becomes the symbol of hope of hopeless people in a ruined nation.


Wonderful!!!, 13 May 2005 Author: Agustin Rexach from United States This is the best film Ron Howard has ever done. They really caught lightning in a bottle with this one. All the departments brought their A game to the table. I especially loved the editing and cinematography.The cast is perfect and, under Ron Howard's confident hand, all give amazing performances. Russel Crowe's soulful performance puts him back in Maximus territory here and, boy, was this cat born to play these types of roles. Bruce McGill is in it (San Antonio, represent!!!) and that's always a good thing.My only complaint (if it can be called that) is that the boxing sequences break no new ground. They are very reminiscent of the boxing sequences in Raging Bull. They are so well executed, however, that I quickly forgot about this small nitpick.The script works on so many levels, it's not even funny. There is plenty of time devoted to character development and it pays off handsomely in the long run as we really care about Jim Braddock every time he steps in the ring.All in all, Cinderella Man is a rousing, classy film that utterly satisfies.
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Cinderella Man (2005) - Ron Howard