Comme une image (2004)

Original Title : Comme une image
Director : Agnès Jaoui
Writer : Jean-Pierre Bacri
Agnès Jaoui
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean-Philippe Andraca , Christian Bérard
Music : Philippe Rombi
Photography : Stéphane Fontaine
Distributor : Mars Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for brief language and a sexual reference.
IMDB ID : 0374583
Official site :
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Comme une image (2004) - Agnès Jaoui


Marilou Berry Lolita Cassard
Jean-Pierre Bacri Étienne Cassard
Agnès Jaoui Sylvia Millet
Laurent Grévill Pierre Millet
Virginie Desarnauts Karine Cassard
Keine Bouhiza Sébastien
Grégoire Oestermann Vincent
Serge Riaboukine Félix
Michèle Moretti Édith
Jean-Pierre Lazzerini Taxi Driver
Jacques Boko Bouncer
Yves Verhoeven Onlooker
Samir Guesmi Onlooker
Bob Zaremba Guy Seen Everywhere
Roberte Kiehl Conservatoire Pianist
Jean-Baptiste Blanc Conservatoire Singer
Emma Beziaud Louna
Julien Baumgartner Mathieu
Zelie Berger Mathieu's Girlfriend
Dimitri Rataud Doctor
Camille Dereux Pretty Singer
Henri Boyer Pierre and Sylvia's Pianist
Guillaume Huet Nicolas
Olivia Lancelot Painter
Elodie Clairin Etienne's Waitress
Olivier Claverie Mr. Tessier
Bernard Blancan Village Cafe Waiter
Sebastien Andrieu Young Man Who Looks at Sylvia (as Sébastien Andrieu
Marie Sarrasin Young Girl Mathieu Kisses
Antonia Cornin-Navarro Guardian
Philippe Tran Edith and Sylvia's Waiter
Erick Desmarestz New Teacher (as Erick Desmaretz
Didier Brice New Teacher's Assistant
Olivier Doran François Galland
Catherine Morin Tastycat Actress
Alain Debruyne Usher
Vincent Bowen L'ami devant les Bains (uncredited
André Crudo Le photographe des Bains (uncredited


Lolita, plump, in her 20s, desperately wants her father's attention. He's egotistical, a famous writer and publisher with an attractive wife little older than Lolita. She's in a choir, rehearsing for a concert, she's given her father a tape, which he's yet to listen to. Sylvia, a voice coach, is willing to help the group, knowing she'll have a chance to get her husband's new novel in front of Lolita's father. For Lolita, this is a pattern: people pay attention to her to gain access to him, something she fears is the intent of Sébastien, a struggling journalist who may become her boyfriend. The night of the concert, the music may bring out everyone's feelings.


Triple Triumph:, 27 October 2005 Author: Galina from Virginia, USA The breath of fresh air - refined, funny, ironic, in the best traditions of Chekhov's plays, this movie is a triple triumph for its writer/director/star Agnes Jaoui. "Look at me" is the story of 20 years old Lolita (rarely a name mismatches a girl so much. Lolita is a pudgy young woman with a very low self-esteem even though she's got a beautiful voice and passion for singing) who desperately craves her father's attention. Ironically, her father, one of the most famous writers in France, known for his deep, observant and subtle novels is an arrogant, self-centered, and self-involved man who hardly acknowledges Lolita - just to criticize her. He never finds time to listen to the tape Lolita made especially for him in hope to get his interest and approval. The beauty of the script and the movie is that Agnes Jaoui does not use only black or white colors to paint her characters. They turn with their different facets to the viewers and the film itself is a precious gem. The acting is superb by everyone. As a bonus treat, we will hear some of the most beautiful music every written, including the pieces by Monteverdi and Handel.9/10
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Comme une image (2004) - Agnès Jaoui