Just my Luck (2006)

Everything changed in the wink of an eye.

Original Title : Just My Luck
Director : Donald Petrie
Writer : I. Marlene King
Amy Harris
Jonathan Bernstein
Mark Blackwell
James Greer
I. Marlene King
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr. , Arnon Milchan , Arnold Rifkin , Ellen H. Schwartz , Marjorie Shik , Bruce Willis
Music : Teddy Castellucci
Photography : Dean Semler
Distributor : Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
IMDB ID : 0397078
Official site :
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Just my Luck (2006) - Donald Petrie


Lindsay Lohan Ashley Albright
Chris Pine Jake Hardin
Faizon Love Damon Phillips
Missi Pyle Peggy Braden
Tom Fletcher Himself (as McFly
Danny Jones Himself (as McFly
Makenzie Vega Caty
Harry Judd Himself (as McFly
Dougie Poynter Himself (as McFly
Samaire Armstrong Maggie
Bree Turner Dana
Carlos Ponce Antonio
Tovah Feldshuh Madame Z
Jaqueline Fleming Tiffany
Dane Rhodes Mac
Mikki Val Tough Jailbird
Ira Hawkins Doorman Oscar
J.C. Sealy Aunt Martha
Marcus Hester Tom Gilpin
Ameer Baraka Phillip's Minion
Anne Ewen Phillip's Minion
Tobi Gadison Phillip's Minion
Thomas Hyde III Phillip's Minion
Mark Cameron Wystrach Phillip's Minion
Strawn Bovee Mrs. Pennington
Gerry Vichi Diner Owner
Dennis Wit Diner Bacon Guy
Kenny Alfonso Party Detective
Ray Garvey Party Cop
Larry Gamell Jr. Jail Deputy (as Lawrence C. Gamell
Rome Kanda Zuki - Japanese Maitre D'
Jon Manfrellotti Palace Cab Driver
Jennifer Rose Koelfgen Palace Model
Deanna Miller Palace Model
Erik Liberman Palace Clipboard Man
Al Roffe Lotto Cashier
Dean Cochran Kissing Groom
Mary Firestone Bride
Kerry Lambert Masquerade Dancer
Matthew Morgan Kissing Street Performer
Dariush Vollenweider Kissing Hospital Patient
Denis Gawley Steam Room Guy
Loring Murtha Kissing Jogger
Kevin Scanlon Haz-Mat Officer
David E. Jensen Stage Manager
J.P. Patterson Recording Engineer
Lara Shriftman Art Gallery PR Woman
Kathy Tong Art Gallery PR Woman
Frank Ferrara Central Park Cop
Kasie Head Central Park Jogger
John Bernard Martin Bernie/Jake's Driver
Alexandra Apjarova Sky Dancer
Christine Vanloo Sky Dancer (as Christine Van Loo
Jennifer Arden Party Dancer
Tiffany J. Billiot Party Dancer
Aurielle Brimmer Party Dancer
Jarrod Cashe Party Dancer
Michelle N. Gibson Party Dancer
Matthew Ragas Party Dancer
Luke Sexton Masked Dancer
Jennifer Van Kanegon Party Dancer
Christopher Ware Party Dancer
Paul Dufrene IV Mud Dancer
Michelle Lamb Mud Dancer
Adrian M. Lindsey Mud Dancer
Misty Marshall Mud Dancer
Chris Carmack David Pennington
Henry Jaderlund Business Executive
Anthony Gangi Bowler
Mills Allison Pool player
Susan Andrews Friend of Bride
Oscar Dillon Doorman/Co-Star
Jim Ford College Student
Matt Jade Restaurant Patron
Ted R. Lewinski Businessman
Alec Rayme Featured/Dancer
Cassandra Seidenfeld Day Player/GCS
Mario Suarez Businessman at Money Center
Fast Ali Concert Goer (uncredited
Michael Arata Truck Driver (uncredited
Katie J. Berchak Bowling Alley Patron (uncredited
Robert Bizik Chief Executive Officer (uncredited
William Burns Bartender (uncredited
Jude Cambise Sushi Bar Yuppie (uncredited
Craig Castaldo Bicycle driver (uncredited
Amber Cather Business Owner (uncredited
Kristi Chalaire Concert Goer/After Party (uncredited
Jeff Chena Cab Driver (uncredited
Leanne Cochran Carley the Waitress (uncredited
Greg D'Agostino Sound Technician (uncredited
Gary Desroche Bank Teller (uncredited
Charles Detraz Publishers Clearing House Rep (uncredited
Matthew Dufour Bartender (uncredited
Louis Dupuy Hospital Doctor (uncredited
Jerry L. Durham Bowling Alley Patron (uncredited
Josaine I. Espinal Business Executive (uncredited
Kayla Ewell Janet aka Bank Teller (uncredited
Jonah Falcon Best Man at Wedding (uncredited
Geoff Falk NYC Detective (uncredited
Ianello Garcino Security Guard (uncredited
Adam Goodnoff-Cernese Taxi, Limo, Town Car Driver (uncredited
Lea Goodwin Extra - Prison Scene (uncredited
Lara Grice Jake's Bank Teller (uncredited
Justin Groetsch Masquerader (uncredited
Sam Hayden Concert Goer (uncredited
Al Heavener Bowling Alley Patron (uncredited
Todd Henry Hair/Make-up (uncredited
David H. Huynh Rome Kanda's stand in (uncredited
Candice Jameson Waitress (uncredited
Candice Love Jameson Hard Rock Waitress (uncredited
Korey L. Jarmon Extra - Broadway Dancer (uncredited
David Jensen Stage Manager (uncredited
Mark P. Kelly Art Museum Patron (uncredited
Loren Kinsella Ashley's Mom (uncredited
Russ Klein Steam Room Guy (uncredited
Cynthia Leigh Concert Goer (uncredited
Ashley Mangat Concert Goer (uncredited
Cody Melton Steam Room Guy Lurker (uncredited
Lauren E. Michon Featured Extra (uncredited
Wayne Douglas Morgan Bouncer
Stephen Occhipinti Bowler (uncredited
Gloria Parks Business Woman (uncredited
Anthony M. Pizzuto Grand Central Patron (uncredited
Benjamin Plaut Waiter (uncredited
Jim Rabb Broadway Dancer (uncredited
Josie Rees Concert Goer (uncredited
Allison Lee Ritter Student (uncredited
Glenn Robin NYPD Detective (uncredited
Johnny Rock EMT (uncredited
Stephen Rue Advertising Agency Executive (uncredited
Antonio Saillant Business Executive (uncredited
Codie Scott Music Executive (uncredited
Derrick Simmons Phillip's Driver (uncredited
Stewart Summers Tourist (uncredited
Valisa Tate Concert Goer (uncredited
Stephen Tobolowsky (uncredited
Hannah Tointon Concert Goer (uncredited
Kara Tointon Concert Goer (uncredited
Joshua Tolby Student (uncredited
Chris Trew Office Worker (uncredited
Deneen Tyler Hospital Doctor (uncredited
Sonny Vellozzi Businessman (uncredited
Village Guard (uncredited
Kevin Watson Street Hustler (uncredited
David Dino Wells Jr. On Photo (uncredited


Manhattan socialite, Ashley is the luckiest person in New York. Untill, one night she goes to a masquerade ball and meets, Jake. Jake on the other hand has the worst luck. After kissing Jake, Ashley is horrified to find out that she and Jake swapped luck.


Films with music stars keep getting poorer, 19 July 2006 Author: Chris Sparks from Brighton, England Films have a poor reputation when they involve stars from the music industry (or should I say ',pop stars', as I categorically refuse to put Britney Spears and McFly in the same batch as the deity Bach and Wagner). Thus, I wasn',t expecting much when I got up at a ridiculously early time so I could see the only showing Brighton Marina cinema had of Just My Luck with an audience consisting of 3 people (including me).The storyline is predictably simple, Ashley (played by Lindsay Lohan) has good luck and Jake (played by Chris Pine) has bad luck. Ashley holds down a successful job although the audience is unaware of what job she is successful at. By contrast, Jake is head of a small-time band known as McFly. Ashley gets lucky (although what you mean by ',lucky', is key here, (see below,) by improvising for her company and landing a ',big-ball-date',. At this ',big ball',, Ashley kisses Jake who has hijacked the ball as a professional dancer to try and get the prestigious Damon Phillips (played by Faizon Love) to look at his band. Via this kiss, Jake gains all of Ashley',s luck and suddenly everything goes wrong for Ashley and everything goes right for Jake. McFly became famous and eventually are asked to play at a ',Hard Rock café',. After learning from a clairvoyant what has happened, Ashley tries looking for her luck doing random silly stuff including kissing all the professional dancers (which is probably why she took the role), eating someone',s leftovers from an unhygienic cafe before, pivotally, falling for Jake. She eventually discovers Jake has ',stolen', (her words, not mine) her luck and she attempts to get it back from him. I shall stop at this point as I think to go any far would ruin the ending but, if the truth were told, it isn',t anything to write home about.I believe commentators have gone a little too far in categorising it as one of the worst films ever made and may want to ask themselves for what reason they believe it to be so poor. It may not be a particularly a good film, but this it is difficult to see how it could have been any better. May be one criticism of this film is its target audience. The target audience is rather narrow, there is nothing that will stimulate you and the jokes are rather immature and ',teeny-poppy',. If you like that sort of thing, you might be happy seeing this film…, it was rather predictable from the outset what it was going to be like, Lindsay Lohan has too small a range to play to play any other character-types! So, we must accept that most people are going to be outside of its ',target audience',.I was disappointed with the characters, though, Ashley was, paradoxically not entirely an alpha female. I',m not sure who or what Ashley was supposed to be and I don',t think the actor knew either. This was demonstrated in her mediocre acting. It doesn',t seem realistic that Jake fell in love naturally with Ashley for any reason other than pity. Am I wrong in thinking that most girls don',t want to be pitied? I think what annoyed me most the lack of basic coherent structure. As already alluded to in earlier statements, I don',t think this film defines what luck actually is and, as a result, there is no clear distinction between what is ',luck', and what is ',intelligence',. For example, if someone works very hard to achieve a degree and gains a first, one wonders whether it was gained through pure luck or intellect? In contrast, Lindsay gets her position because she sits in on other people',s discussions (according to the film) and based on what she has learnt decides the best way of organising a ball. Her offer is accepted and she does very well within her company, is this plain luck or is that because she deserved it? Later in the film, even when she knows that she has overdone the washing powder, she still switches it on even though she does not know where the ',off', switch…, I',m not sure what that has to do with luck. Similarly, when she tries to replace a lightbulb. What has this got to do with luck? The main point is that there is no ',depth', to this film. Here is a film looking for a theme and a structure. If it purports to be a comedy, I fail to see the joke. While it isn',t the worst film you',d ever see you will probably come out feeling as dissatisfied as I did.
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