Freedomland (2006)

The Truth Is Hiding Where No One Dares To Look.

Original Title : Freedomland
Director : Joe Roth
Writer : Richard Price
Richard Price
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Richard Baratta , Charles Newirth , Scott Rudin
Music : James Newton Howard
Photography : Anastas N. Michos
Distributor : Buena Vista International
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and some violent content.
IMDB ID : 0349467
Official site :
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Freedomland (2006) - Joe Roth


┬Samuel L. Jackson Lorenzo Council
┬Julianne Moore Brenda Martin
┬Edie Falco Karen Collucci
┬Ron Eldard Danny Martin
┬William Forsythe Boyle
┬Aunjanue Ellis Felicia
┬Anthony Mackie Billy Williams
┬LaTanya Richardson Marie (as LaTanya Richardson Jackson
┬Clarke Peters Reverend Longway
┬Peter Friedman Lt. Gold
┬Domenick Lombardozzi Leo Sulivan
┬Aasif Mandvi Dr. Anil Chatterjee
┬Philip Bosco Priest
┬Fly Williams III Rafik Dotson
┬Portia Doreen/Rafik's Sister
┬Haneefah Wood Vicky/Rafik's Sister
┬Dorian Missick Jason Council
┬Joe Forbrich Hal
┬Donna Cutugno Elaine
┬Genevieve Hudson-Price Tina
┬Calvin Hart Boris (as Calvin E. Hart
┬Bill Walsh County Sheriff
┬Patricia Mauceri Judge
┬Richard Price Brenda's Attorney
┬Catrina Ganey Lorraine
┬Liza Col├│n-Zayas Bea
┬Colman Domingo Male Patient
┬Teodorina Bello Female Patient
┬D.C. Benny Hospital Cop
┬Maduka Steady Hospital Cop
┬Jason Furlani Officer Holding Hat
┬Chance Kelly Visored Cop at Riot
┬Danielle Carter Cassandra/Rainbow Club
┬Brandon Bennett Young Boy/Rainbow Club
┬Ira Hawkins Older Male Tenant
┬Sharon Washington Rose/Female Tenant
┬Ernestine Jackson Nurse
┬Santiago Socorro Triage Nurse
┬Cheryl Wills Cheryl Wills (news reporter
┬Leonard Thomas Desk Sergeant
┬Brian Dykstra Blockade Cop
┬Jamel Scott Salim
┬Gil Deeble Angry male tenant
┬Amanda Diva Seales Angry Female Tenant
┬Shawn Andrew Skinny Male Tenant (as Shawn T. Andrews
┬Jarrod Gandy Boy in Front of Fire
┬Lawrence Cameron Steele Corrections Officer (as Cameron Steele
┬Jasmin Walker Denise
┬Timothy Shannon Buzzer Cop
┬Oscar A. Colon Louis (as Oscar A. Col├│n
┬Marisa Redanty Female Reporter
┬Adam Kulbersh Man in Crowd
┬Sapphire Quick Rainbow Club Kid
┬Steven Smith II Rainbow Club Kid
┬Thomas Russo Cop
┬Cassandra Seidenfeld Armstrong Tennant
┬Marlon Sherman Cody
┬Brian Smyj Cop
┬Douglas J. Aguirre Detective (uncredited
┬Michalina Almindo Waitress (uncredited
┬Jonnie Brown Cop in Hallway (uncredited
┬Phil Campanella Cop (uncredited
┬Todd Carroll Riot Cop (uncredited
┬Dominic Colon Medic (uncredited
┬Greg D'Agostino Riot Cop (uncredited
┬Brandon DeLaurentiis Protester (uncredited
┬James DeLeon Rookie Cop
┬Robert Feeley Bystander (uncredited
┬Barbara Ann Ferro E.R. Doctor (uncredited
┬Richard Gnolfo Bailiff Beresford (uncredited
┬Alonzo F. Jones Doctor (uncredited
┬John Lanzillotto Vietnam Veteran (uncredited
┬David McDaniel Gannon Cop (uncredited
┬Dolores McDougal Search Party Member (uncredited
┬Shareef McIntosh Extra (uncredited
┬Garett R. Nadrich Gannon Resident (uncredited
┬Lisa Marie Palmieri Gannon Resident (uncredited
┬Gloria Parks Civic Leader (uncredited
┬Jackie Quinones Featured (uncredited
┬Michael Rady (uncredited
┬Anslem Richardson Rookie Cop (uncredited
┬Julia Roth Nurse (uncredited
┬Rose Sias Tenant
┬Justin Smith Tenant (uncredited
┬Steve Staiger Search Party Leader (uncredited
┬Stewart Summers Prosecutor (uncredited
┬Ronald Sylvers Search Party Member (uncredited
┬Rebecca Thomas Volunteer (uncredited


When her son disappears and is believed to be dead, a single mother blames an African-American man from the projects for the kidnapping, creating a racial controversy. An African-American detective (Jackson) and a white missing child researcher team up to investigate the case, which they discover may be more complicated than they expected.


This film is so full of stereotypes it',s disgusting in its transparency, 3 July 2006 Author: nomamasboy from United States There are worse films out there to be sure, but not many with name actors in them.The entire plot of this detour into Land of Movies That Shouldn',t Be is ridiculous in the extreme. Does Moore ever play a sane woman anymore or is she forever to be the drugged out, psychotic tramp that we consistently see her as? And Sam...Oh Sam...You can be so good, but there is no sense to how you act and react in this film. You are as manic as the nutty redhead or the amped up neighbors whose only comfort lies in the violence and racism they try to spread wherever they go. And the cops...crooked as a dog',s hind leg.The plot is so pathetically predictable you wonder how the studio could justify throwing money at a stinker like this one. Next time...instead of spending a few million on trash like this just take a little of that and pitch the idea to the folks who will be suffering through this and see how quickly they start looking for the exits.
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Freedomland (2006) - Joe Roth