Best Man, The (2005)

Original Title : The Best Man
Director : Stefan Schwarz
Writer : Ed Roe
Stefan Schwartz
Genre : Comedy
Country : Germany
Language : English
Producer : James Atherton , Chris Auty , Simon Franks , Douglas Hansen , Douglas Hansen , Zygi Kamasa , Ildiko Kemeny , Benjamina Mirnik , Neil Peplow , L√°szl√≥ Sipos , Justin Anderson Smith , James D. Stern , Kim St. Leon
Music : James Barker
Tim Despic
Photography : Haris Zambarloukos
Distributor : 3L Filmverleih
IMDB ID : 0430919
Official site :
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poster for "Best Man, The" by Stefan Schwarz (2005)
Best Man, The (2005) - Stefan Schwarz


¬Stuart Townsend Olly Pickering
¬Amy Smart Sarah Marie Barker
¬Seth Green Murray
¬Kate Ashfield Becka
¬Jodhi May Tania
¬Steve John Shepherd James
¬David Oyelowo Graham
¬Raymond Coulthard Chris
¬Martin Hancock Stan
¬Peter Capaldi Priest
¬Daniel Mays Pool Guy
¬Philip Jackson Mr. Barker
¬Bettina Abiwu Stripper 1
¬Linda Abla Okon Waitress
¬Andrea Bajor Stripper 2
¬Luk√°cs Bicskey Thief (as Lukacs Bicskey
¬Lili Bord√°n Gretchen
¬Katalin Botos Other Girl (as Kata Botos
¬Simon Callow Big Time Publisher
¬Anna Chancellor Dana
¬Matt Devere Gordon
¬Richard Durden Reverend
¬Tom Ellis Groom
¬√Āgi Emri Audience member
¬Linda Fekete Sue
¬John Fenner Bartender
¬Burn Gorman Bus Driver
¬Ian Hanmore Drunk
¬M√°t√© Haumann Work Experience
¬Akiya Henry Bride
¬Akla Henry Bride
¬Jane How Ms Parker
¬Imre J√≥zsa Security Guard
¬Mike Kelly Party Bore
¬Cheryl Lucas Gospel Singer
¬George Mendel Wedding Guest
¬Jacob Moriarty Olly Aged 10
¬Keara Murphy Ellen
¬B√©la Pavletits Waiter
¬Aranka R√≥nai Secretary (as Aranka Ronai
¬Raphael Schwartz Olly Aged 2
¬Zsofi Taglesir Bar Customer
¬Garry Tubbs Cabby
¬Judit Viktor Sexy Girl
¬Callum Williams Murray - Aged 10
¬Janine Wood Dress Assistant
¬Stewart Wright Harry
¬Stuart Wright Harry
¬Melinda Kov√°cs-S. Audience member (uncredited
¬Kylie Minogue Herself (archive footage
¬G√°bor Osv√°th Audience member (uncredited


A guy tries to help his best friend win the attention of the girl of his dreams.


Not a complete waste of time, but almost..., 20 February 2006 Author: fuente-2 from Oslo, Norway It's a bit like Stefan Schwarz's earlier effort Shooting Fish, only this one's got Seth Green and a somewhat raunchier sense of humor. The sweetness of the romantic plot sits uncomfortably with Green's antics, and the script is just a mess. Olly's literary ambitions are proclaimed loudly at the beginning, but they don't show up again for ages. In fact, the beginning is just reams of exposition with nowhere to go. And there's only so much comedy to be squeezed out of a: an apartment in the red light district, b: a yuppie acting like a jerk, and c: a romantic lead who's a lovable klutz.A few of the jokes are good, though, but apart from that, the only redeeming feature of this film is its puzzling choice of occupation for its romantic heroine: She's one of those people that hands out questionnaires at the end of test screenings to gage audience reactions and see if they wouldn't want a cheeky orangutan added to the cast or whatever. One can't help wondering why this career was chosen for her: was it an attempt to get out of the preview process, a result of the preview process, an attempt to look good in comparison with the even more asinine film-within-the-film, or what?