American Dreamz (2006)

Imagine a country where the President never reads the newspaper, where the government goes to war for all the wrong reasons, and more people vote for a pop idol than their next President.

Original Title : American Dreamz
Director : Paul Weitz
Writer : Paul Weitz
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kerry Kohansky , Rodney M. Liber , Andrew Miano , Chris Weitz , Paul Weitz
Music : Rick Garcia
Joe Lervold
Stephen Trask
Photography : Robert Elswit
Distributor : Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some sexual references.
IMDB ID : 0465142
Official site :
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American Dreamz (2006) - Paul Weitz


┬Hugh Grant Martin Tweed
┬Dennis Quaid President Staton
┬Mandy Moore Sally Kendoo
┬Willem Dafoe Chief of Staff
┬Jennifer Coolidge Mrs. Kendoo
┬Sam Golzari Omer Obeidi
┬Marcia Gay Harden First Lady
┬Chris Klein William Williams
┬Seth Meyers Chet Krogl
┬John Cho Ittles
┬Judy Greer Accordo
┬Bernard White Agha Babur
┬Tony Yalda Iqbal Riza
┬Noureen DeWulf Shazzy Riza
┬Shohreh Aghdashloo Nazneen Riza
┬Jay Harik Ali Riza
┬Adam Busch Sholem Glickstein
┬Haaz Sleiman Mujeheddin Captain
┬Nick Schutt Cameraman
┬Lisa K. Wyatt Aunt Edna
┬Beau Holden Uncle Fitz
┬Tim Rhoze Stage Manager (as Tim Edward Rhoze
┬Marley Shelton Jessica
┬Lawrence Pressman White House Butler
┬Aldis Hodge Soldier Chuck
┬Christianne Klein White House Reporter
┬Chao Li Chi Chinese Premiere (as Chao-Li Chi
┬Andrew Divoff Chinese Translator
┬James Gleason Journalist
┬Michael D. Roberts Journalist
┬Kevin R. Kelly Jouranlist
┬Mike Batayeh Terrorist Director
┬Sean-Michael Bowles Hip Hop Kid
┬Riley Gibbs Skate Punk
┬Jordan Havard Skate Punk
┬Joshua Wade Miller Paul (as Joshua Wade
┬Trey Parker Show Contestant
┬Niki J. Crawford Show Contestant
┬Samantha Jade Gibbs Show Contestant
┬Amir Mahmoud Show Contestant
┬John Griffin Show Contestant
┬Danny Ehrhardt Montage Performer
┬Natascha Corrigan Montage Performer
┬Sarah Culberson Montage Performer
┬Perrey Reeves Mami
┬Daniel Weiss Man in Line
┬Karen Gordon Sally's Makeup Artist
┬Carmen Electra Herself
┬Richard Bartlett Secret Service Man
┬Jerome Caldwell Secret Service Man
┬Andean Banks Back-up Singer
┬Jael Gadsden Back-up Singer
┬Maree Morris Backup Singer
┬N'Daba Divine Video Audition
┬Adrian Zaw Video Audition
┬Leopoldo Mandeville Dignitary (as Leopoldo Papi Mandeville
┬Bruce Garrick Crew Member
┬P.D. Mani Cohort
┬Sathanath Nambiar Cohort
┬Sathyanath Nambiar Cohort
┬Fumi Desalu Sally's hair dresser
┬Sue Fletcher Show Contestant
┬Derek Kazahaya Hairstylist
┬Sarita Michelle Hollywood Girl
┬Amelia Beaugard Iqbal's Personal Assistant (uncredited
┬Sinsu Co Performer (uncredited
┬John D. Crawford Studio Security (uncredited
┬Megan Evanich Makeup Girl (uncredited
┬Dave Huber Security Guard (uncredited
┬Candice Joyner Audience Member (uncredited
┬Kelly Knox Dancer (uncredited
┬Eric La Barr Crew Tech
┬Cameron Lee Studio audience (uncredited
┬Kira Legg Fan (uncredited
┬Wally Lozano Terrorist (uncredited
┬Kevin Makely Secret Service Man (uncredited
┬Cheryl Moore Sally's Neighbor (uncredited
┬Neal Orion Performer (uncredited
┬Hash Patel Feautured Terrorist (uncredited
┬Neil Patil Terrorist
┬Jia Perlich LA Girl (uncredited
┬Christian Reeve Terrorist Film Crew (Boom Operator
┬Jeffrey Ross Oscar (uncredited
┬Jacob Tawney Secret Service (uncredited
┬Ali Zamani Terrorist (uncredited


A satire who focuses on reality shows like American Idol. Sally's dream is to become a music star and to participate in American Dreamz show. In order to achieve this, she leaves her boyfriend and mixes up with the host of the program. Meanwhile, an Arabian boy travels to the USA to visit their relatives and, accidentally, he becomes a participant of the show. The president of the USA is kind of depressed, but the vice president comes up with the idea of a live presentation in the show.


Entertaining and relevant, 30 March 2006 Author: PeachHipGirl from United States I was quite pleasantly surprised by this movie.I didn't know much about it except that it was some sort of send-up of American Idol, it was directed by the guy who did American Pie, and it had some big name actors involved.This is what a mainstream satire should be. While some elements were overt, there is definitely more subtle commentary as well. The performances were all very sincere, which allowed me to be drawn in and entertained.I would also like to make a point to say that I do NOT think that the President character should be written off as a parody of Bush, as I heard some people saying as they exited the theater. While there are certainly elements of the character are clearly inspired by our Commander in Chief (present and past), it is not merely a caricature.Bottom line: This movie is going to be big.
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American Dreamz (2006) - Paul Weitz
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American Dreamz (2006) - Paul Weitz
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American Dreamz (2006) - Paul Weitz