Ultraviolet (2006)

The Blood War is On

Original Title : Ultraviolet
Director : Kurt Wimmer
Writer : Kurt Wimmer
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Wan Allen , John Baldecchi , Lucas Foster , Sue Jett , Tony Mark , Charles Wang
Music : Klaus Badelt
Photography : David Franco
Arthur Wong
Jimmy Wong
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action throughout, partial nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0370032
Official site :
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Ultraviolet (2006) - Kurt Wimmer


Milla Jovovich Violet Song jat Shariff
Cameron Bright Six
Nick Chinlund Vicecardinum Ferdinand Daxus
Sebastien Andrieu Nerva
Ida Martin Young Violet
William Fichtner Garth
David Collier BF-1
Kieran O'Rorke Detective Cross
Digger Mesch Detective Endera
Ryan Martin Detective Breeder
Steven Calcote Young Daxus
Ricardo Mamood Violet's Husband
Mike Smith Hospital Hemophage
Clay Cullen Rebel Hemophage
Jennifer Caputo Elizabeth P. Watkins
Jack Murphy Chief of Staff
Diego Swing Daxus Aide 1
Theodore Thomas Daxus Aide 2 (as Ted Thomas
Abraham Boyd L.L.D.D. Guard
Matthew Sturgess Medical Tech 1
Alexander Key Medical Tech 2
Pete Spurrier L.L.D.D. Chief of Research (as Peter Spurrier
Russell Wait Combat Reserve Doctor
Youlia Galenko Courier XPD-154
Luke Jackson Archministry Computer Tech
Chris Garner Luthor (as Christopher Garner
Duc Luu Kar Wai
Kurt Wimmer Speak-No-Evil Phage
Gilad Lotan See-No-Evil Phage
Phillip Moore Hear-No-Evil Phage
Robert Alonzo Long-Haired Hemophage 1
Mitch Gould Long-Haired Hemophage 2
Daniel Hawe Security Enforcer
Scott Piper Garth's Assistant
Don Ferguson Hemophage
Jesse Gooding Hemophage
Mark Hicks Hospital Security Guard
Katarina Jancula Shariff's New Wife
Igor Smiljevic Hemophage
Daniel Whyte Hemophage
Martin Zetterlund Hemophage
Fei Wai Tse Lab Technician
Mary Catherine Williams Girl in purple mask (uncredited


Human society has been decimated by a holocaust caused by biological warfare research gone wrong: instead of creating super-soldiers, a genetically-engineered virus turns infected humans into Hemophages, a vampire-like sub-species with enhanced physical abilities. In the infection-paranoid and technologically advanced society that follows, Violet is a singular Hemophage warrior battling the totalitarian dictator who is determined to wipe out her species at any cost.


Errrrr.... What?, 3 April 2006 Author: Tim Machin from United Kingdom It is a little difficult to imagine why this film was released in its current form. It has some potential, the action sequences look a little mundane as we have seen it all before but they are quick and effective. The story is quirky enough to be interesting and some of the backdrops look good.The problem is, Ultraviolet neither makes sense nor holds together as a film. Huge chunks of action and story seem to have been lost on the cutting room floor. The film is left overloaded with the expensive bits that had already been paid for. Lots of sweeping city-scapes and shots of Mila walking down corridors don',t make a film.It reminds me of other Japanese live action Manga smash-ups (See Kasshern etc). The problem is that Japanese films have every right not to make sense and be completely over the top, as it is what they do best. Unfortunately, due to a westernised need for slight reality, Hollywood have attempted same thing and ended up with a cheap looking film with a poor script stuck together with a bunch of crap one liners.
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Ultraviolet (2006) - Kurt Wimmer