Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The (2006)

If You Ain't Outta Control, You Ain't In Control.

Original Title : The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Director : Justin Lin
Writer : Chris Morgan
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Amanda Cohen , Ryan Kavanaugh , Ryan Kavanaugh , Neal H. Moritz , Clayton Townsend
Music : Brian Tyler
Photography : Stephen F. Windon
Distributor : Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for reckless and illegal behavior involving teens, violence, language and sexual content.
IMDB ID : 0463985
Official site :
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Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The (2006) - Justin Lin


Lucas Black Sean Boswell
Brandon Brendel Buddy
Zachery Ty Bryan Clay
Daniel Booko Buddy
David V. Thomas Buddy
Amber Stevens Cheerleader
Chris Astoyan Racer
Ashika Gogna Cheerleader
Danny Ray McDonald II Auto Shop Bully
Nikki Griffin Cindy
Lynda Boyd Mrs. Boswell
Nathalie Kelley Neela
Joey Crumpton Police Officer
Bow Wow Twinkie
Leonardo Nam Morimoto
Jason J. Tobin Earl
Keiko Kitagawa Reiko
Brian Tee Drift King
Sung Kang Han
Caroline de Souza Correa Brazilian Model
Satoshi Tsumabuki Handsome Guy
Brian Goodman Lieutenant Boswell
Stuart W. Yee Yakuza
Mari Jaramillo Beautiful Girl in Skyline
Koji Kataoka Pinkie
Konishiki Paw Man
Tak Kubota Yakuza
Kaila Yu Cowgirl at Starting Line
Vincent Laresca Case Worker
Yoko Maki Woman at Apartment
Aiko Tanaka Cowgirl at Starting Line
Jimmy Lin Jimmy
Trula M. Marcus American Math Teacher
Damien Marzette High School Security Guard
Keiichi Tsuchiya Old Fisherman
Kazuki Namioka Tea Hair
Kazutoshi Wadakura Old Fisherman
Verena Mei Beautiful Girl in Skyline
Alden Villaverde Alden (as Alden Ray
Shôko Nakagawa Bo-Peep Girl
Christian Salazar Chubby Hispanic Kid
Rie Shibata Math Teacher
Silvia Suvadova Russian Model
Wendy Watanabe Neela's Friend
Sonny Chiba Kamata (as JJ Sonny Chiba
Kevin Caira Auto Shop Bully
Hiroshi Hatayama Tea Hair
Toshi Hayama Toshi at Underground Garage
Britten Kelley Model
Atley Siauw DJ Atley
Tina Tsunoda Neela's Friend
Mikiko Yano Bo-Peep Girl
Sheree Leana Bouncer's Girlfriend
Tyler Nelson Mascot
Trey Sanford Auto Shop Bully
Michael Bennett Garage Attendant (uncredited
April Betts Cheerleader (uncredited
Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto (uncredited
Jade Wu Tea Hair


After totaling his car in an illegal street race, Shaun Boswell is sent to live with his father, who is in the military, in Tokyo, Japan, to avoid juvy or even jail. While in school, he befriends Twinkie, a "military brat." Twinkie introduces him to the world of racing in Japan. Though forbidden to drive, he decides to race against D.K., the "Drift King", who has ties to the Yakuza, and loses, totaling the car because of his lack of knowledge of drifting, racing that involves dangerous hair pin turns. To repay his debt, he enters the underground world of drift street racing. As he becomes better and better, he must finally prove his worth in that world by once again racing D.K.


Need for speed underground (well almost), 28 June 2006 Author: moviemaster989 from United Kingdom Tokyo Drift is the last in the series of the Fast and the Furious outings and sees a man move from America to Tokyo to live with his father in a bid to avoid going to jail.The film stars Lucas Black, to many an unknown who attempts to slip on the shoes of Paul Walker and finish these movies off. To his credit, he does a decent job in parts but his lack of experience is clear based on the high number of action scenes. All he really needs to do for the most part is give a few huffs and puffs to look like he',s really driving those speed machines.Unfortunately, the guy gets involved in racing, yet again and gets mixed up with the Japanese drifters. He is shown to attend school, but for a man of his age, i question why? and tries to keep his father happy in the process.The tuned up cars emulated the Need for Speed Underground games which isn',t really a bad thing because at least the story is supported by a decent plot and that',s where 2 fast got it all wrong.The backdrop of Tokyo seemed ideal and made for some great viewing at times.All in all, a well-paced action movie but mostly comes good cause of half decent plot.Lin did really all he could.
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Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The (2006) - Justin Lin