Wilderness (2006)

It's not about revenge. It's about punishment.

Original Title : Wilderness
Director : Michael J. Basset
Writer : Dario Poloni
Genre : Horror
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Bill Allen , Robert Bernstein , Robert Bernstein , Emma Hayter , Ivan Mactaggart , John McDonnell , Douglas Rae
Music : Mark Thomas
Photography : Peter Robertson
Peter Robertson
Distributor : Momentum Pictures
IMDB ID : 0465670
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Wilderness (2006) - Michael J. Basset


Richie Campell The Hunter
Karly Greene Inmate
Toby Kebbell Callum
Ben McKay Lindsay
Anthony McKenna Inmate
Luke Neal Lewis
Sean Pertwee Jed
Alex Reid Louise
Stephen Wight Steve


"Wilderness" is gory, scary and impressive horror movie!, 30 August 2006 Author: skirmantux from Lithuania This movie has "Dog Soldiers" soul. A lot of scenes are from "Dog Soldiers", but this one is more interesting. It makes survival horror go up one generation. The tagline says true (It',s not about revenge. It',s about punishment), but you will know what I',m talking about if you watched it.Actors looks like prisoners, so that makes this movie be more real. They acted very good too. They very empathize in they roles. Script was interesting. Idea was a little bit copied from "Dog Soldiers", but I think, that this is not a huge problem, that makes this movie bad.I give to this movie 7/10
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Wilderness (2006) - Michael J. Basset