Vraie Jeune Fille, Une (1976)

Original Title : Une vraie jeune fille
Director : Catherine Breillat
Writer : Catherine Breillat
Catherine Breillat
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Pierre Richard Muller , André Génovès
Music : Mort Shuman
Photography : Patrick Daert
Pierre Fattori
Distributor : ASG Videofilm
IMDB ID : 0135024
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Vraie Jeune Fille, Une (1976) - Catherine Breillat


Charlotte Alexandra Alice Bonnard
Hiram Keller Pierre-Evariste Renard/'Jim'/'Earthworm Jim'
Rita Maiden Mrs. Bonnard (as Rita Meiden
Bruno Balp Mr. Bonnard
Georges Guéret Martial (as Georges Gueret
Shirley Stoler Grocer in Aupom
Thierry Roland TV commentator (voice
Marie-Hélène Breillat Voice of Alice Bonnard (voice
Alexandra Gouveia Martine (uncredited
Carmelo Petix L'exhibitionniste (uncredited
Georges Pompidou Himself (on TV
Christian Valentin Le chanteur (uncredited


Only for psychosexual drama enthusiasts, 29 December 2004 Author: George Parker from Orange County, CA USA "A Real Young Girl" is a slice-of-summer-life flick which follows a 17ish school girl's sexual exploration during a summer vacation with her parents on their farm. A brave and visceral character study, this first outing for controversial auteur Catherine Breillat spends 90% of the run examining the fantasies, autoerotic experimentation, and eventual heterosexual encounters of the girl who seems sexually fascinated with all things liquid. Though the film's darkish undercurrents of sexual aberration do portend better things to come from Breillat, it is not particularly interesting as a stand alone piece. Circa 1976 with no apparent remastering, the audio/video quality is poor with color shifts and graininess. Not for those squeamish about graphic sexual content, this film should play best with those interested in psychosexual dramas (B-)
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Vraie Jeune Fille, Une (1976) - Catherine Breillat
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321 x 475
Vraie Jeune Fille, Une (1976) - Catherine Breillat