Ms.45 (1981)

It will never happen again!

Original Title : Ms. 45
Director : Abel Ferrara
Writer : Nicholas St. John
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Richard Howorth , Mary Kane , Rochelle Weisberg
Music : Joe Delia
Photography : James Lemmo
Distributor : Audio Visual Enterprises
IMDB ID : 0082776
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Ms.45 (1981) - Abel Ferrara


Zoë Lund Thana (as Zoë Tamerlis
Albert Sinkys Albert
Darlene Stuto Laurie
Helen McGara Carol
Nike Zachmanoglou Pamela
Abel Ferrara 1st Rapist (as Jimmy Laine
Peter Yellen The Burglar (2nd Rapist
Editta Sherman Mrs. Nasone (Landlady
Vincent Gruppi Heckler on Corner
S. Edward Singer The Photographer
Stanley Timms The Pimp
Faith Peters The Prostitute
Lawrence Zavaglia The Arab
Alex Jachino The Chauffeur
Jack Thibeau Man in Bar
Jayne Kennedy Seamstress
Wayne Caro Office Boy/Mickey
Mariana Tripaldi Buyer
Scott Covert Buyer's Assistant
Karen O'Shea Model/Party Guest
The Kog The Bum
Cindy Green Waitress
Nancy Ulrich Photographer's Girlfriend
Eddie Sanchez Central Park Gang
Larry Chua Central Park Gang
Omar Patino Central Park Gang
Robert Allen Central Park Gang
Daniel Gooding Central Park Gang
Michael R. Chin Kissing Boy
Gerri Igarashi Kissing Girl
Edward Eisele Man from Georgia
Evelyn Smith Bag Lady
Patrick Loughran Man on Desk
Eileen Trotta Girl on Desk
Bobby Weismann Party Host
Alvin Moore Detective
Nicholas St. John Detective
Steve Dash Policeman (as Steve Daskawisz
Paul Varni Guy on Street
John Scarangella Guy on Street
Aris Sakellaridis Guy on Street
Ben Falk Blind Man
Michael Minard Band Member
Robert North Band Member
Rob Fisch Band Member
Harry Maurer Newsman's Voice (voice
Beth Ann Lonergan Little Girl (voice
Gail Wenger Party Guest
Jana Skidmore Party Guest
Mary Barto Party Guest
John Antonio Party Guest
Joey Monteleone Party Guest
Lisa Monteleone Party Guest
Mary Reeves Party Guest
Carol Drechsler Party Guest
Anthony Picciano Party Guest
Joe Perce Party Guest
Donna Harris Party Guest
Ira Blumenthal Party Guest
Rex Piano Party Guest
Kim McLean Party Guest
Paul Sansone Party Guest
Peter Abbay Mr. Death
Elissa D'Arrigo Party Guest
Tony Gandiosi Party Guest
Rene Belafonte Party Guest
Dan O'Neill Party Guest/Bartender
Jerry Goralnick Party Guest
Claver Mullaney Extra
Jim Paletz Extra
Timothy Pastor Extra
Bill Plunkett Extra
Natalie Rannazzisi Extra
Michael Rothermel Extra
Rob Roy Extra
Francene Thomas Extra
Bruce Thorne Extra
Nancy Upton Extra
Bonnie Williams Extra
Scott Winer Extra
Madaline Wood Extra
Jim Johnson Extra
Ann Barcar Extra
Shelley Freedman Extra
Barbara Jo Fuchs Extra
Kathleen Gati Extra
Barry Gomolka Extra
Gerry Heller Extra
Michelle James Extra
Chris Jones Extra
Nancy Kleinman Extra
Renata Majer Extra
Tom McGrath Extra
Cheryl McIntyre Extra
Stephen Singer Rich Volk (uncredited


A mute woman gets raped twice coming home from work and decides to take matters into her own hands. She dresses suggestively and roams the streets alone, reaking vengeance upon anyone who tries to take advantage of her. Eventually her secret life spills over into her regular life in the fashion industry.


Abel Ferrara's Ms. .45, 14 June 2002 Author: Charles Tatum from North Dakota Ferrara's huge breakout film has been the subject of everythingfrom cult status to film thesis papers.Zoe Tamerlis is Thana, a mute and mousy woman who works inNew York's garment district. On her way home one afternoon, sheis grabbed off the street and raped by a masked man, played byFerrara himself. She stumbles home, shell shocked, and finds aburglar in her apartment. He also begins raping her, holding a .45on her. He drops the gun and she kills him, putting his body in thebathtub. She confiscates the gun as her own, and normallyreliable Thana begins to change.Thana's nosy landlady, a candidate for a .45 slug if there ever wasone, and the landlady's dog, Phil, notice Thana leaving theapartment glammed to the nines and carrying plastic garbagebags full of the burglar's body parts. Thana kills one man whochases her with the burglar's body parts (he thinks she droppedthe bag), and soon Thana is dispatching everyone from pimps togangs to Arab sheiks with her trusty gun. In the meantime, sheoffers to take Phil for a walk, tying him to a stake so she can shoothim without him running off. Thana is finally invited to a Halloweenparty by her lecherous boss. This provides the film's final horrifyingsetpiece. Thana is dressed like a nun, with her trusty gun tuckedinto her garter belt. She opens fire on the men at the party, all shotin slow motion by Ferrara. This scene is terrifying on a horror filmscale, as people run for their lives as very effective special effectsillustrate the carnage. The final shot involving the Phil the dog isclassic.It is dismissive to say Thana decides to kill every man she sees.You can see a pattern in her killing, as she graduates from basicstreet scum, to an almost killing of an Oriental man who is doingnothing but kissing his girlfriend. The divorced man's suicidestretches credibility a bit, as Thana's gun jams when she pulls thetrigger, but he puts it to his head and it goes off. Thana is also apretty good shot, yet we are never given any evidence why.Zoe Tamerlis died almost two years ago of heart failure. She wasonly 35. She did other films, but this was probably her best knownwork. Because she is plays a mute, she must express all of heremotions with her face, which she does very well. She looks a lotlike Jeanne Tripplehorn, and does a great job here.The New York City setting is perfect and unfiltered. This is the NYCwe heard of back in the 1970's, complete with muggings andgraffiti. There is wonderful background noise, not affected by someHollywood sound engineer's filter. Dialog is kept to a minimumbecause of Thana's condition, but Ferrara keeps the violence andblood flowing freely. Surprisingly, despite the presence of two rapesequences, there is no nudity, as if Ferrara wanted to show thesecrimes as crimes of violence, and not arousing rough sex."Ms. .45" is not perfect, but it is infinitely fascinating. It is alsoincredibly brutal, and not for the squeamish. I highly recommend it.This is unrated, and contains physical violence, strong gunviolence, strong sexual violence, gore, strong profanity, sexualcontent, sexual references, some drug references, and adultsituations.
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634 x 882
Ms.45 (1981) - Abel Ferrara
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Ms.45 (1981) - Abel Ferrara
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Ms.45 (1981) - Abel Ferrara
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Ms.45 (1981) - Abel Ferrara