Rollin with the Nines (2006)

Original Title : Rollin' with the Nines
Director : Julian Gilbey
Writer : Julian Gilbey
Will Gilbey
Genre : Crime
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Geoff Austin , George Calil , Katherine Calil , Neil Dunn , James Hutchins , Rebecca Knapp , Paul Lowin , Lawrence Mortorff , Pikki , Alex Rofaila , Terry Stone
Music : Sandy McLelland
Photography : Ali Asad
Distributor : American World Pictures (AWP)
IMDB ID : 0437459
Official site :
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poster for "Rollin with the Nines" by Julian Gilbey (2006)
Rollin with the Nines (2006) - Julian Gilbey


┬Vas Blackwood Finny
┬Terry Stone Ds Andy white
┬Robbie Gee Pushy
┬Naomi Taylor Hope
┬Billy Murray David Brumby
┬Simon Webbe Too Fine
┬Jason Flemyng Capt. Fleming
┬Dominic Alan-Smith Det. Ed Haines
┬Roffem Morgan Rage
┬George Calil Det. Newmyer
┬Ian Virgo Josh
┬Daniel Bayle Dickie
┬Marvin Campbell Drug Dealer
┬Spencer Fearon Devon
┬Will Gilbey Det. Anderson
┬Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Clubber
┬James Hutchins Bluefoot by phone
┬Jacqui Nightclub Sket
┬Kara Kyne Isobel White
┬Julia Malewski Shop Assistant
┬Kingsley Pilgrim Crikkit
┬Dizzee Rascal Crack Dealer
┬Patrick Regis Temper
┬Kane Robinson Accomplice (as Kano
┬Adam Saint Tony
┬John Thomas Dead Naked Body
┬Kenneth Thompson Marchesi Jewellery Store Thief (as Kensington Barclay-Thomas
┬Matthew Thrift Dickie


Too Fine and his friends Finny, Pushy and Rage hope to set up a successful urban underground garage act and escape the lives they're trying to leave behind. But this dream all goes tragically wrong when Too Fine is murdered in a drive by-shooting at the hands of Temper, a former adversary from his days peddling rock on the streets who he owed a large unpayed debt to. To make matters worse, the weight of this burden falls on his sister Hope, who is brutally attacked and raped by Temper with a warning of worse things to come if the debt is not settled soon. With no way of paying the debt and seeking revenge, she visits Temper early one morning and blasts him to death. The dust settles for a while after this until Hope learns that Temper was a good associate of gangster David Brumby, who has now lost a good business partner. But then Hope suggests she becomes his new partner and before long she and Too Fine's friends are back doing what they did before they tried to make it big. But after an horrific nightclub shooting at the hands of Pushy and Rage in retaliation for Too Fine's murder, two persistent detectives get on their case and it's only a matter of time before everything threatens to come crashing down around them.


A fast paced brutal and stylish Lodon gangland Saga, 12 May 2006 Author: Marlon from United Kingdom Rollin With Nines is a modern action packed film of the street from the street. It', s a breathless roller-coaster ride of a cinematic experience. It takes the viewer into the streets of London and shows them like you',ve never seen them before, because it',s real. It',s Lock Stock without the jokes, it',s NARC with a wicked, thumping and relentless soundtrack by the likes of Dizee Rascal, Simon Webbe, Miss Dynamite and anyone who is anyone in the street music scene. The photography is stylish, inventive and aptly hectic. It is without a doubt a piece of ground breaking British cinema. The creators of the story Pikki (also music producer) and Bigs had a huge influence and input on the dialogue, which helped anchor the film firmly into its roots. The films strength is dealing with the issues without sentimentality or moralising. It is a story of revenge and the inability of the main protagonists to escape the only life they know which ultimately reaps their demise. Good performances all round but specially Robbie Gee, Vas Blackwood, Anthony Warren and strong cameo from Jason Flyming.