Tideland (2005)

The squirrels made it seem less lonely

Original Title : Tideland
Director : Terry Gilliam
Writer : Mitch Cullin
Terry Gilliam
Tony Grisoni
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Rhonda Baker , Paul Brett , Gabriella Martinelli , Nick O'Hagan , Jeremy Thomas , Peter Watson
Music : Jeff Danna
Mychael Danna
John Goodwin
Dave Howman
André Jacquemin
Photography : Nicola Pecorini
Distributor : HanWay Films
IMDB ID : 0410764
Official site :
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam


Jodelle Ferland Jeliza-Rose
Alden Adair Luke
Wendy Anderson Woman/Doll Reader
Jeff Bridges Noah
Sally Crooks Dell's Mother
Brendan Fletcher Dickens
Harry Gilliam Jerry
Amy Matysio Dell
Dylan Taylor Patrick
Jennifer Tilly Queen Gunhilda
Kent Wolkowski Boy


After her mother dies from a heroin overdose, Jeliza-Rose is taken from the big city to a rural farmhouse by her father. As she tries to settle into a new life in a house her father had purchased for his now-deceased mother, Jeliza-Rose's attempts to deal with what's happened result in increasingly odd behavior, as she begins to communicate mainly with her bodiless Barbie doll heads and Dell, a neighborhood woman who always wears a beekeeper's veil.


Silly Kissers!, 25 August 2006 Author: mappyman ( from Atlanta, United States Tideland tells the story of a little girl caught up in a series of totally bizarre characters. the story begins with her mom dying of a heroin overdose and she and her dad head out to their grandma',s old house to avoid any controversy. Jeliza-Rose isn',t an ordinary girl, she has a wild imagination and her best friends include the heads of four of her dolls, each with its own personality. her favorite being Mystique, the troublesome one with a British accent. At the new house she meets her neighbors, Dell, a lady she believes is a ghost but is really just a twisted taxidermist, and her brother dickens who is a sweet guy but mentally challenged. her imagination gone wild and her dad totally gone on drug injections, Jeliza-Rose and and dickens fight to take down the monster shark and possibly find the end of the world! The first thing off the bat that people will be happy to know is that gilliam has not lost his style one bit. Dismissing the sub-par Brothers Grimm, this movie more than makes up for it bringing back his Fear And Loathing ups and downs of meotion while keeping a comedy aspect of it all. While admitting to never have used any illicit drugs, Gilliam sure has a pretty warped sense to create such wild characters and personalities.This is deinfately the lead actress Jodelle Ferland',s movie. not only does she act in it but she voices for all four of her dolls. at first you see her doing the voices but as it transitions, they end up just speaking on their own. You',ll definitely fall in love with her after seeing this film. Jeff Bridges is very funny, almost revising his "The Dude" role from the Big Lebowski. the other characters perform their roles well too and are sometimes maybe TOO scary for some audiences. The movie contains what might be considered mild pedophilia so some audiences might be cautioned of this beforehand.The musical score is very nice. While seeming to be a tim burton movie at some parts, the music score is very whimsical despite its dark humor and very strange characters. no matter how bad things gt in the movie whether it be death, drugs, murder or whatever, it keeps a lighthearted sense about it with the music.This movie was released over a year ago outside of the united states and its a shame as the movie is definitely one of Gillliam',s finest. It didn',t stop once and kept a very funny and happy pace even with its dark humor. Any fan of his movies will love it. People new to his style might be turned off by some parts but its aim for a more mature audience anyway.
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam
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Tideland (2005) - Terry Gilliam