Prea târziu (1996)

Original Title : Prea târziu
Director : Lucian Pintilie
Writer : Lucian Pintilie
Rasvan Popescu
Genre : Drama
Country : Romania
Language : Romanian
Producer : Véronique Cayla , Marin Karmitz , Constantin Popescu
Photography : Calin Ghibu
IMDB ID : 0120378
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Prea târziu (1996) - Lucian Pintilie


Doru Ana Alina Ungureanu
Ion Bechet Maireanu
Costel Cascaval Psychiatrist
Adina Cristescu Oana
Luminita Gheorghiu Elephant Foot
Mircea Rusu Munteanu
Cornel Scripcaru Dumitri Costa
Dorel Visan The prefect
Cristian Vorniceiu 


Not Spoiling, 22 September 2004 Author: Radu Malureanu (radursm) from Romania I've seen the movie long ago, however, few days ago (and it's late sept 2004) something reminded me of it. Doesn't matter much, local politics... Still, Pintilie went beyond the art-fancy-sophisticated movie maker style he had so well embraced before. In "prea tirziu" he shows a brutal reality, a strange kind of reactions, bad persons, bad relations, bad values (if there is such a thing), bad everything... And he shows it in a good way. Watch it closely, even though you are not accustomed to the Romanian style, observe some people that exist - of course, not that dramatically, but still - and think that this can happen today, somewhere not far from us.It's not Romania, it's not the real stuff, but it's about some people that exist. Somehow, this drama is a comedy. And I definitely suggest you to watch it. You won't regret it.
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Prea târziu (1996) - Lucian Pintilie