Teenage Caveman (1958)

The future of humanity is in his hands

Original Title : Teenage Cave Man
Director : Roger Corman
Writer : R. Wright Campbell
Genre : Adventure
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Samuel Z. Arkoff , Roger Corman , James H. Nicholson
Music : Albert Glasser
Photography : Floyd Crosby
Distributor : American International Pictures (AIP)
IMDB ID : 0052279
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Teenage Caveman (1958) - Roger Corman


Robert Vaughn The Symbol Maker's teenage son
Sarah Marshall The Blond Maiden (as Darah Marshall
Leslie Bradley The Symbol Maker
Frank DeKova The Black-Bearded One
Charles P. Thompson Member of the tribe (as Charles Thompson
June Jocelyn The Symbol Maker's wife
Jonathan Haze The curly-haired boy
Beach Dickerson Fair-haired boy/Man from Burning Plains/Tom-tom player/Bear
Ed Nelson Blond tribe member
Robert Shayne The Keeper of the Small Fire
Marshall Bradford Member of the tribe
Joseph Hamilton Member of the tribe (as Joseph H. Hamilton
Barboura Morris Young tribe member (uncredited


Robert Vaughn stars as a white 35 year old teenage caveman with styled hair who seeks to discover what is in the uncharted jungles beyond his tribe's campsite. It is against the Word (and the Word is the Law), but he breaks it anyway. Soon he discovers a strange creature which kills with its touch. We later learn that this is not a prehistoric tale, but a post-apocalyptic tale, and the strange creature is a 500-plus year old irradiated scientist in a radiation suit...


Interesting morality play, 26 October 2001 Author: Matthew Ignoffo ( from Eatontown, NJ, USA Made during the "I was a teenage..." cycle, this is more thoughtful than those other teen exploitation films. The story is told simply and yet with a serious purpose that makes us look at our technology as the mixed blessing which it is.Don't let the title put you off. This is better than average and has some surprises.
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400 x 307
Teenage Caveman (1958) - Roger Corman
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312 x 452
Teenage Caveman (1958) - Roger Corman
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247 x 193
Teenage Caveman (1958) - Roger Corman