Bronco Billy (1980)

The most outrageous of 'em all.

Original Title : Bronco Billy
Director : Clint Eastwood
Writer : Dennis Hackin
Genre : Adventure
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Daley , Neal H. Dobrofsky , Dennis Hackin , Fritz Manes
Music : Cliff Crofford
Cliff Crofford
Steve Dorff
Steve Dorff
Steve Dorff
Steve Dorff
Steve Dorff
John Durrill
Snuff Garrett
Snuff Garrett
Snuff Garrett
Larry Herbstritt
Photography : David Worth
Distributor : Warner Bros. Pictures
IMDB ID : 0080472
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood


┬Clint Eastwood Bronco Billy McCoy
┬Sondra Locke Antoinette Lilly
┬Geoffrey Lewis John Arlington
┬Scatman Crothers Doc Lynch
┬Bill McKinney Lefty LeBow
┬Sam Bottoms Leonard James
┬Dan Vadis Chief Big Eagle
┬Sierra Pecheur Lorraine Running Water
┬Walter Barnes Sheriff Dix
┬Woodrow Parfrey Dr. Canterbury, Head of Sanatorium
┬Beverlee McKinsey Irene Lilly, Antoinette's stepmother
┬Doug McGrath Lt. Wiecker (as Douglas McGrath
┬Hank Worden Gas Station Operator
┬William Prince Edgar Lipton
┬Pam Abas Mother Superior
┬Eyde Byrde Maid Eloise (as Edye Byrde
┬Douglas Copsey Reporter at Bank
┬John Wesley Elliott Jr. Sanatorium Attendant
┬Chuck Hicks Cowboy at Bar
┬Robert F. Hoy Cowboy at Bar (as Bobby Hoy
┬Jefferson Jewell Boy in Bank
┬Dawneen Lee Bank Teller
┬Don Mummert Chauffeur
┬Lloyd Nelson Sanatorium Policeman
┬George Orrison Cowboy at Bar
┬Michael Reinbold King
┬Tessa Richarde Mitzi Fritts
┬Tanya Russell Dolores Duke the Carhop
┬Valerie Shanks Sister Maria
┬Sharon Sherlock License Clerk
┬James Simmerman I.V. Carleton, Bank Manager
┬Roger Dale Simmons Reporter at Bank
┬Jenny Sternling Reporter at Sanatorium
┬Chuck Waters Bank Robber
┬Jerry Wills Bank Robber
┬Merle Haggard Himself
┬Alison Eastwood Child at orphange (uncredited
┬Kyle Eastwood Orphan (uncredited
┬Danny Jensen Reporter (uncredited
┬Arlis Tranmer Photographer (uncredited


Bronco Billy McCoy is the proud owner of a small traveling Wild West show. But the business isn't doing too well: since six months he couldn't pay his employees. At a gas station he picks up Antoinette, a stuck-up blonde from a rich family, who was left there by her husband in the wedding night without a penny. Bronco likes her looks and hires her as his assistant. But she seems to bring them bad luck: the business gets even worse. In these hard times she looses her reluctance and starts to like her new way of life... and Bronco Billy.


A minor classic, 1 November 2002 Author: jaykay-10 Here's a picture that works beautifully on several levels, including the philosophical (I kid you not). Approach it as a lighthearted caper, and you will be entertained. If you enjoy whimsy with a trace of fantasy, it will not disappoint you. How about a picture questioning the nature of reality, in which characters challenge and re-shape the identities that life seems to have foisted upon them? There are not many movies with such powerful ambitions, and fewer still that develop them in an oblique, yet perfectly comprehensible, manner. There is nothing the least bit heavy handed about this film, quite the opposite. Enter the special world it creates, and you will be rewarded both emotionally and intellectually. (See what I mean? Now make sure you haven't missed "Finding Graceland" and "Pennies From Heaven.")
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood
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Bronco Billy (1980) - Clint Eastwood