Ca commence aujourd'hui (1999)

Original Title : √áa commence aujourd'hui
Director : Bertrand Tavernier
Writer : Dominique Sampiero
Bertrand Tavernier
Tiffany Tavernier
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Fr√©d√©ric Bourboulon , Alain Sarde
Music : Louis Sclavis
Photography : Alain Choquart
Distributor : Arsenal
IMDB ID : 0186730
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Ca commence aujourd'hui (1999) - Bertrand Tavernier


¬Philippe Torreton Daniel Lefebvre
¬Maria Pitarresi Valeria
¬Nadia Kaci Samia Damouni
¬V√©ronique Ataly Mrs. Lienard
¬Nathalie B√©cue Cathy
¬Emmanuelle Bercot Mrs. Tievaux
¬Fran√oise Bette Mrs. Delacourt
¬Christine Citti Mrs. Baudoin
¬Christina Crevill√©n Sophie
¬Sylviane Goudal Gloria
¬Didier Bezace Inspector
¬Betty Teboulle Mrs. Henry
¬G√©rard Giroudon Mayor
¬Marief Guittier Daniel's mother
¬Daniel Delabesse Marc
¬Jean-Claude Frissung Director's colleague
¬Thierry Gibault Police inspector
¬Philippe Meyer Council member
¬Gerald Cesbron Mr. Henry
¬Michelle Goddet Beaten child's mother
¬Stefan Elbaum Beaten child's uncle
¬Nathalie Desprez Mrs. Bry
¬Fran√oise Miquelis Mrs. Duhem
¬Fr√©d√©ric Richard Mr. Bacheux
¬Johanne Cornil-Leconte Mrs. Bacheux
¬Lambert Marchal R√©mi
¬Sylvie Delbauffe Woman with baby
¬Mathieu Lenne Jimmy
¬R√©mi Henneuse Kevin
¬Corinne Aghte Mrs. Paquotte
¬Dominique Bouchard Doctor
¬Beno√ģt Constant Daniel's father
¬Patrick Courteix Mrs. Henry's neighbor
¬V√©ronique Dargent Mrs. Loiseau
¬Val√©rie Dermagne Nurse
¬Lilyane Discret Young mother
¬Leila Duhem Mrs. Polliaert
¬Yamina Duvivier Mrs. Chimot
¬S√©verine Fernand Angeline's mother
¬Catherine Gorosz Mrs. Daumise
¬Christophe Guichet Daniel's brother
¬Nadia Ikisse Mrs. Mimouni
¬Marie-Madeleine Langlois Neighbour's wife
¬Nelly Larachiche Mrs. Legrand
¬France Leroy Caf√© owner
¬Claude Li√©nard Mrs. Henry's doctor
¬Marcelle Loutre Guegdan's mother
¬Kelly Mercier Laetitia
¬Jacky Meunier Valeria's father
¬C√©cile Montagnon Mrs. Lamart
¬Mich√®le Niewrzeda Mrs. Bornat
¬Vincenza Orologio Valeria's mother
¬Marie-Fran√oise Prette Mrs. Marchal
¬Linda Prudhomme Mrs. Dupuis
¬Monique Quivy Dining hall lady
¬Claude Ronnaux Colleague
¬Fran√oise Sage Mrs. M√©riaux
¬Pascale Verdi√®re Nanny


Daniel is schoolmaster of a kindergarten in a small French town. The local economy, which depended entirely on coal production, has been mired in a depression ever since the mines were closed. When their parents fall into utter discouragement or even poverty because of prolonged unemployment, the children suffer the consequences. Daniel is confronted daily with difficult situations and he feels responsible to deal with them although they are outside the scope of his responsibilities. This is a frustrating task: politicians are concerned with tightening their budgets, bureaucrats in the intricate web of French social and educational services with their prerogatives, utility companies with getting their bills paid, teachers, social workers, and policemen are overwhelmed. Daniel's relations with his parents, but also with Valeria, his fiancée, and her son are not entirely smooth either. He nevertheless soldiers on with the staff of the kindergarten, all doing their best to educate the children of a severely disrupted society.


Wonderful film transforms mundane subject matter., 25 April 2003 Author: john thoren from Oregon, USA This is a film concerning a fairly mundane topic - problems in a small-town school. Through masterful cinematography and storytelling, Bertrand Travernier constructs a fascinating and heartwarming film. The acting is excellent throughout despite some of the characters being played by people who are not professional actors. The leading roles are full multi-dimensional and fully engaging, The non-professionals are honest and convincing.The dvd commentary by Travernier is also worth a watch, as he points out many significant background details, and explains the interactions between the real town and townspeople, and the actors and movie production.This is not an american action film, but never leaves the viewer bored, and does not play on cheap emotions.
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Ca commence aujourd'hui (1999) - Bertrand Tavernier
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Ca commence aujourd'hui (1999) - Bertrand Tavernier
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Ca commence aujourd'hui (1999) - Bertrand Tavernier