Joe Kidd (1972)

Original Title : Joe Kidd
Director : John Sturges
Writer : Elmore Leonard
Genre : Western
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Sidney Beckerman , Robert Daley
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Bruce Surtees
Distributor : CIC Vídeo
IMDB ID : 0068768
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Joe Kidd (1972) - John Sturges


Clint Eastwood Joe Kidd
Robert Duvall Frank Harlan
John Saxon Luis Chama
Don Stroud Lamarr Simms
Stella Garcia Helen Sanchez
James Wainwright Olin Mingo
Paul Koslo Roy Gannon
Gregory Walcott Sinola County Sheriff Bob Mitchell
Dick Van Patten Hotel manager
Lynne Marta Elma
John Carter Judge
Pepe Hern Priest
Joaquín Martínez Manolo
Ron Soble Ramon
Pepe Callahan Naco
Clint Ritchie Deputy Sheriff Calvin
Gil Barreto Emilio
Ed Deemer Harry (bartender
Maria Val Vita
Chuck Hayward Eljay
Michael R. Horst Deputy


Joe Kidd is a former bounty hunter and all-around tough-guy in the American Southwest. When a band of Mexicans find their U. S. land claims denied and all relevant records destroyed in a courthouse fire, they turn to force of arms. Louis Chama is their charismatic leader, spouting revolutionary rhetoric and demanding land reform. A wealthy landowner with interests in the disputed area, Frank Harlan, decides to settle things his own way. He hires a band of killers and wants Joe Kidd to help them track Chama. Initially, Kidd wants to avoid any involvement, until Chama makes the mistake of stealing Kidd's horses and terrorizing his friends.


Bad Hat on Squint but Duvall is There!, 10 July 2004 Author: shepardjessica from sparks, nevada Decent early 1970's Clint western with plenty of stooges to beat up on (including Paul Koslo - who got beat up by a million stars in the 70's), but R. Duvall with his authentic "Southwest" accent steals the show along with John Saxon as Louie Chama (almost playing the same character he did in The Appaloosa with Brando, except he's almost a good guy in this one). Beautiful locale (wherever they filmed it), almost a Man with no Name theme to it - A 6 out of 10 without being special, just your basic racist (Duvall's gang) and the mercenary with a Bad Hat (Squint) to deal with them. Best performance = Robert Duvall. Decent stuff but Mr. Eastwood's done better, before and since.
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Joe Kidd (1972) - John Sturges
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498 x 755
Joe Kidd (1972) - John Sturges
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Joe Kidd (1972) - John Sturges