Week End (1967)

Original Title : Week End
Director : Jean-Luc Godard
Writer : Jean-Luc Godard
Genre : Drama
Country : Italy
Language : French
Music : Antoine Duhamel
Photography : Raoul Coutard
Distributor : Athos Films
IMDB ID : 0062480
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Week End (1967) - Jean-Luc Godard


Mireille Darc Corinne
Jean Yanne Roland
Jean-Pierre Kalfon Leader of FLSO
Valérie Lagrange FLSO Leader's moll
Jean-Pierre Léaud Saint-Just/Man in Phone Booth
Yves Beneyton Member of FLSO
Paul Gégauff Pianist
Daniel Pommereulle Joseph Balsamo
Virginie Vignon Marie-Madeleine
Yves Afonso Tom Thumb
Blandine Jeanson Emily Bronte/Girl in Farmyard
Ernest Menzer Cook
Georges Staquet Tractor driver
Juliet Berto Woman in car crash/F.L.S.O. member
Helen Scott Woman in Car
Anne Wiazemsky Girl in Farmyard/F.L.S.O member
Isabelle Pons Arab speaking for his black brother
Jean-Claude Guilbert Tramp
Monsieur Jojot Girl in the woods
Michel Cournot Man From Farmyard
Jean Eustache 


A supposedly idyllic weekend trip to the countryside turns into a never-ending nightmare of traffic jams, revolution, cannibalism and murder as French bourgeois society starts to collapse under the weight of its own consumer preoccupations.


A satire of destruction, 25 February 2000 Author: contronatura ( from Los Angeles, CA This film put me off the first time I saw it, probably because of the way it falls apart structurally and turns into something else completely. After a few more viewings I think this film is a near-masterpiece. The story of a couple's weekend trip to the country.....actually that's all wrong. It starts out like that, but before long the couple is in an apocalyptic wasteland in the French countryside. Bloody car accidents, death, band of guerrillas, etc. A truly experimental and visionary political manifesto of sorts. This is the film where Godard really broke free from all narrative constraints and started to do his own thing. I still think the man himself can be a bit of a pompous jerk (like when he expressed his disgust at the route fellow New Wave filmmaker Francois Truffaut had chosen to go), but he is also a great filmmaker.
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Week End (1967) - Jean-Luc Godard
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Week End (1967) - Jean-Luc Godard