Maitre De Musique, Le (1988)

Original Title : Maître de musique, Le
Director : Gérard Corbiau
Writer : Andrée Corbiau
Gérard Corbiau
Gérard Corbiau
Luc Jabon
Christian Watton
Genre : Drama
Country : Belgium
Language : French
Producer : Dominique Janne , Jacqueline Pierreux , Alexandre Pletser
Music : Ronald Zollman
Photography : Walther van den Ende
Distributor : France Télévision Distribution
IMDB ID : 0095606
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Maitre De Musique, Le (1988) - Gérard Corbiau


José van Dam Joachim Dallayrac
Anne Roussel Sophie Maurier
Philippe Volter Jean Nilson
Sylvie Fennec Estelle Fischer
Patrick Bauchau Prince Scotti
Johan Leysen François Manssaux
Marc Schreiber Arcas
Alain Carre Attendant
David Ashman English Critic
Bob Bender English Critic
Jonathan Fox English Critic
Jeannette Bakker Diva
Philippe Drecq Dandy
Jean Gerardy Old Man
Yvette Merlin Louise
Carlos Moens Gardener
Jean Musin Lhomond
Jean-Louis Sbille Critic
Jean-Pierre Valère Gardener
Daniel Vos Commander
Ulysse Waterlot Conductor
Guy Danel Dancer
Paul Declerck Dancer
Ursula Gorniak Dancer
Anne Leonardo Dancer
Dinah Bryant Sophie Maurier (singing voice
Jérôme Pruett Jean/Arcas (singing voice


Aging opera singer Joachim Dallayrac retires from the stage and retreats to the countryside to school two young singers, Sophie and Jean. Although the rigorous training takes its toll on both teacher and students, there is plenty of time for relationships to develop between the three. Based on their teacher's reputation, Sophie and Jean are invited to participate in a singing contest staged by Prince Scotti. Scotti's protege is set up to get revenge for Scotti's defeat at the hands of Dallayrac in a similar competition many years ago. The young students overcome Scotti's trickery to win the competition.


Beautifully rendered film, 31 January 2000 Author: arielview ( from Williamsburg, VA This film, one of my favorites of all-time, follows a retired opera star, (played by the real-life opera singer, Jose van Dam) and two pupils he agrees to teach after his retirement. When his two pupils must compete against their teacher's arch nemesis Prince Scotti (delectably played by Patrick Bauchau) and his dippy protege Arcas, it immediately becomes a feel-good movie. With gorgeous cinematography, well-written dialogue and the acting capabilities of Anne Roussel and Philippe Volter to carry the show, you don't need to rely on the beautiful music in both the background and the forefront of the story. You don't need to be a die-hard opera nut like myself to enjoy this film, you just need to be able to tolerate a lovely romance set against a stunning backdrop, where the bad guys can only be fought with musical notes. Go see it and tell me what you think.
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Maitre De Musique, Le (1988) - Gérard Corbiau
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Maitre De Musique, Le (1988) - Gérard Corbiau
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Maitre De Musique, Le (1988) - Gérard Corbiau