Seul contre tous (1998)

Original Title : Seul contre tous
Director : Gaspar Noé
Writer : Gaspar Noé
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Lucile Hadzihalilovic , Gaspar Noé
Music : Johann Pachelbel
Photography : Dominique Colin
Distributor : Accent Film Entertainment
IMDB ID : 0157016
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Seul contre tous (1998) - Gaspar Noé


Philippe Nahon The Butcher
Blandine Lenoir His Daughter, Cynthia
Frankie Pain His Mistress (as Frankye Pain
Martine Audrain His Mother-in-Law
Jean-François Rauger Real Estate Agent
Guillaume Nicloux Supermarket Manager
Olivier Doran Narrator
Aïssa Djabri Dr. Choukroun
Serge Faurie Hospital Director
Paule Abecassis Junkie
Stéphanie Sec Female Hospital Patient
Arlette Balkis Dying Lady
Frédéric Pfohl Male Hospital Patient
Gil Bertharion Jr. Bus Driver
Rado Hotel Manager
Nicolas Jouhet Cafe Owner
Ahmed Bounacir Cafe Customer
Roland Guéridon Old Friend
Sophie Nicolle Younger Daughter
Hervé Gueridon Second Friend
Marie-Madeleine Denecheau Roland's Wife
Robert Roy Fourth Friend/Lab Director
Joël Leculle First Butcher
Denis Falgoux Second Butcher
Monsieur Billot Third Butcher
Gérard Ortega Bar Owner
Alain Pierre Owner's Friend
Stéphane Derdérian Owner's Son
Zaven Every Man his Moral


France, 1980. A retired horsemeat butcher fights to survive. After abandoning his teenage daughter, and hoping to rebuild a new life, he moves to Lille with his pregnant lover. He doesn't love her. He likes even less living at his mother-in-law's apartment. Quickly his hopes turn into bitterness, and this bitterness into obsessions. Violence explodes. The man returns to Paris and tries to restart his life again. He counts on his luck to find work and new friends. But both are hard to find. In this city, like elsewhere, living is a selfish act. Alone against everyone the ex-butcher stays in the hotel room where many years ago his daughter was conceived. Without a penny and with the sole company of a gun charged with three bullets, he doesn't see clearly what the purpose of his life is. His stomach cries for food. His brain orders him to take revenge. And his heart...


Alone against everyone, 23 May 1999 Author: matthew wilder ( from los angeles Stunning. The writer-director Gaspar Noe's first-person account of a jobless butcher's trip on the down escalator has a lot of superficial resemblances to TAXI DRIVER, but the real unseen hand behind this shattering picture belongs to Louis-Ferdinand Celine, whose scabrous stream-of-consciousness monologues Noe has translated into scorching, nineties angry-white-man-ese. As the butcher's three hundred francs dwindle, and his handgun starts looking more and more appealing, Noe surgically implants us inside the antihero's head using a cascade of hilarious and horrifying nihilistic rants that don't quite resemble anything you've ever heard in a movie.Noe's ingenuity in reinventing the subjective style of TAXI DRIVER is near-limitless, his array of techniques dazzles, from the Godardian intertitles that break the action like a butcher's cleaver hammering a wooden cutting board, to the deafening gunshots accompanied by digital pans and zooms that throw a Brechtian bucket of icewater on the proceedings whenever they calm down. At times the picture suggests one of Fassbinder's fatalistic fables staged as a William Castle horror movie, in a stroke of genius, Noe conceives of the inevitable crack-up finale not in terms of some novel spin on the image, but as a blizzard of scurrilous language--a head self-narrating to the implode point.At times, the butcher's and Noe's nihilism seem to be one--and a posturing, collegiate nihilism it can be. And the penultimate section of the movie thunks along as Noe recreates painfully familiar scenes from TAXI DRIVER almost in toto. But the cumulative effect of the movie is lacerating, the way early Scorsese and Toback must have felt the first time out. French-language cinema hasn't gotten this kind of wake-up call since the (lesser) MAN BITES DOG.
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Seul contre tous (1998) - Gaspar Noé
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Seul contre tous (1998) - Gaspar Noé