Man About Town (2006)

Welcome to the deep end of a very shallow town.

Original Title : Man About Town
Director : Mike Binder
Writer : Mike Binder
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jack Binder , Derek F.C. Elliott , Ogden Gavanski , Cathy Mickel Gibson , Sammy Lee , Michael Rotenberg , Rachel Zimmerman
Music : Larry Group√©
Photography : Russ T. Alsobrook
Distributor : Media 8 Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, some sexual content and a scene of violence.
IMDB ID : 0420757
Official site :
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Man About Town (2006) - Mike Binder


¬Ben Affleck Jack Giamoro
¬Rebecca Romijn Nina Giamoro
¬John Cleese Dr. Primkin
¬Samuel Ball Jimmy Dooley
¬Mike Binder Morty
¬Erica Cerra Sela
¬Gina Gershon Arlene Kreiner
¬Adam Goldberg Phil Balow
¬Howard Hesseman Ben Giamoro
¬Ling Bai Barbi Ling
¬Jerry O'Connell David Lilly
¬Kal Penn Alan Fineberg
¬Amber Valletta Brynn Lilly
¬Damien Wayans Lucky Reynolds
¬Laura Soltis Barbara Giamoro
¬Spencer Forbes Anthony Giamoro
¬Anysha Berthot Leah
¬Lewis Broatch Young Jack - Age 12
¬Scott London Young Jack - Age 19 to 22
¬Dustin Milligan Young Dooley
¬Keri Horton Young Arlene
¬Nicolas Hackleman Young Morty
¬Benjamin Ratner Dr. Kevin Sands
¬Angela Moore Dental Receptionist
¬Brenda James Judge Ellen Masters
¬Gina Holden Pretty Young Assistant
¬Kathleen Mullan Agency Receptionist
¬Tracy Trueman Agency Assistant
¬Claude Duhamel Worker With Headshot
¬Peter Shinkoda Agency Assistant
¬Aaron Douglas Agency Partner
¬Shirane Haas Agency Partner
¬Nora Rosales Maid
¬Paul Wu Karate Instructor
¬Robert Jess Marshall Reggie
¬Katrina Yaworsky Dipsy Doodle Children
¬Alessia Yaworsky Dipsy Doodle Children
¬Anita Brown Model
¬Michael Calder Talent Agent
¬Tommy Camus Jr. Logan Pensacola
¬Vicky Lambert Salsa Dancer
¬Gary Vaught Football Official
¬Anthony Patricio Cook (double


A top Hollywood talent agent (Affleck) finds his cushy existence threatened when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him and that his journal has been swiped by a reporter out to bring him down.


Potential "American Beauty" but a wasted shot, 18 June 2006 Author: estel-here from Turkey When the film was started I said another American Beauty type film coming. And because of this thought my expectations increased a lot. But Ben Affleck',s acting capacity is limited so the movie never goes on. Also the story has some weak points and illogical parts. For example you stole something important and you will use it to blackmail someone. The first thing you will do to backup your source or at least you will not take your source with you when you',re meeting with the person that you',re blackmailing! But our writers don',t think like this so there are a lot of stupid chasing scenes. I think your mood also very important for this film. I was very complicated and seeking something in me, before I went to cinema. Because of this in the film the ',course', scenes and the confessions covered by ',diary writing', scenes hit me directly. So I can',t give bad votes to this film. I want to add one more thing, course teacher',s acting was perfect. And Ling Bai. She',s very different type. She don',t like any girls that I know. I think this explains why I like her.Conclusion, in this circumstances this is a movie for summer. Light scenario, beautiful girls (Rojmin, Ling Bai) and handsome guy.Your choice to watch it :).