Circle, The (2005)

Original Title : The Circle
Director : Yuri Zeltser
Writer : Yuri Zeltser
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Ram Bergman , Michele Berk , Raymond Izaac , Dana Lustig , Kjehl Rasmussen , Glen Reynolds , Yan Fisher Romanovsky , Jake Schmidt
Music : Tal Bergman
Larry Seymour
Photography : George Mooradian
Distributor : Fabrication Films
IMDB ID : 0388837
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poster for "Circle, The" by Yuri Zeltser (2005)
Circle, The (2005) - Yuri Zeltser


Angela Bettis Jay
Henry Czerny Rick
Scott Cohen The Contract
Jill Jacobson Mom
Kamala Lopez-Dawson Hilga
David Proval Sing
Robert Giardina Bodyguard
Joe Unger Motel owner
Bokeem Woodbine 


One of the most amazing movies ever made, 24 June 2005 Author: mofilmvie from United States Saw this movie in Cannes, and can't stop thinking about it. What an amazing piece of work! First of all, technically it's astounding -- the film is done in one uninterrupted take, and the visual acrobatics of this Mount Everest of shots are just incredible. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of planning, rehearsals, sweat and tears that went into this "one-shot wonder". Second, the story, the performances, and everything else in this movie is just brilliant. Angela Bettis -- where have you been hiding all my life? An unbelievable actress who grabs you by the throat (and the heart) and never lets go. All in all, this is a heartbreaking, inspiring, visionary movie -- a modern masterpiece.