Eloge de l'Amour (2001)

Original Title : Éloge de l'amour
Director : Jean-Luc Godard
Writer : Jean-Luc Godard
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Alain Sarde , Ruth Waldburger
Music : Ketil Bjornstad
David Darling
Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Maurice Jaubert
Arvo Pärt
Georges Van Parys
Photography : Julien Hirsch
Christophe Pollock
Distributor : ARP Sélection
MPAA Rating : Rated PG for thematic elements and brief language.
IMDB ID : 0181912
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Eloge de l'Amour (2001) - Jean-Luc Godard


Bruno Putzulu Edgar
Cecile Camp Elle
Jean Davy Grandfather
Françoise Verny Grandmother
Audrey Klebaner Eglantine
Jérémie Lippmann Perceval
Claude Baignières Mr. Rosenthal
Rémo Forlani Mayor Forlani
Mark Hunter U.S. Journalist
Jean Lacouture Historian
Philippe Lyrette Philippe, Edgar's Assistant
Bruno Mesrine Magician
Djéloul Beghoura Algerian (as Djelloul Beghoura
Violeta Ferrer Woman 1
Valérie Ortlieb Woman 2
Serge Spira Homeless Man
Stéphanie Jaubert Young Girl
Jean-Henri Roger Mayor Forlani's Aide
Lemmy Constantine U.S. Assistant
William Doherty U.S. Official
Marie-Françoise Audollent Maid


In part one there is talk of a project on the subject of love, with the example of three couples, one young, one mature and the other elderly. At this point the author comes into contact with a young woman he had already met three years earlier. Just as the project is about to become reality, all problems of an artistic or financial nature having been resolved, the author learns that the young woman has died. Part two concerns the events of three years earlier. While interviewing an historian, the future author meets for the first time the young woman, who is training as a lawyer. She has been asked by her own grandparents, formerly of the French resistance, to examine a contract offered to them by Americans who want to make a film about their activities during the Nazi occupation of France.


I threw it back..., 17 September 2005 Author: TrompeyNo from United States I wanted to see some post-Golden Age Godard and selected this one as the most recent available to me. There are some intelligent comments here in favor of the film, but this one is more accurately described in precis rather than with imaginative exegesis. Blank actor-props ruminating in common spaces, intoning solemnly about some Very Important Art Project. That's all. We could speculate if Godard still has 'it', but we can be sure that 'it' makes no remarkable show in this one.The promotional trailer is on the DVD, the editor wisely used the only visually interesting moments in the whole film to make it. A few disparate slices, given false coherence by the flow of undeserved critical accolades.For this 'essay' style of film, I would recommend Chris Marker's "Sans Soliel", with narration selected to your native language.