Maria Candelaria (1944)

Una sublime historia de amor

Original Title : María Candelaria
Director : Emilio Fernandez
Writer : Emilio Fernández
Mauricio Magdaleno
Genre : Romance
Country : Mexico
Language : Spanish
Producer : Agustín J. Fink , Felipe Subervielle
Music : Francisco Domínguez
Rodolfo Halffter
Photography : Gabriel Figueroa
Distributor : Clasa Films Mundiales
IMDB ID : 0037054
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Maria Candelaria (1944) - Emilio Fernandez


Dolores del Rio María Candelaria
Pedro Armendáriz Lorenzo Rafael
Alberto Galán El Pintor
Margarita Cortés Lupe
Miguel Inclán Don Damian
Beatriz Ramos Reporter
Rafael Icardo Priest
Julio Ahuet Jose Alfonso
Lupe del Castillo Bone-doctor (as Guadalupe del Castillo
Lupe Inclán Gossip
Salvador Quiroz Judge
Nieves Model
Elda Loza Model
Lupe Garnica Model
Alfonso Jiménez (uncredited
Arturo Soto Rangel Doctor (uncredited
Irma Torres Bit Part (uncredited
José Torvay Policeman (uncredited
David Valle González Judge's Secratary (uncredited
Enrique Zambrano Medic (uncredited


the best! a must see film, 14 October 2003 Author: cyn_duncan At first, it seems like this is going to be another standard melodrama, but within 10 minutes, you know that you're seeing really great actors at work in a very important film. Pedro Armendariz and Dolores del Rio are larger than life, absolutely perfect characters who love each other so sweetly and purely it makes everything else you've ever seen seem small in comparison. The photography is breathtaking, and the Mexico they live in - the floating gardens of Xochimilco at the turn of the century- is the stuff myths are made of. Of course there is conflict and drama and tragedy running all through the film, but the characters are so noble you can't feel sorry for them, no matter how badly they're treated. No one ever said this is supposed to be a realistic movie, but it certainly delivers an emotional jolt. It makes you not only fall in love with Maria Candelaria and Lorenzo Rafael, but with Mexico. It's like watching a beautiful dream unfold. No wonder so many Mexicans still mention this as their absolutely all time favorite film. Put it at the top of the list of films to see if you want to know more about Mexico's golden age of cinema.
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Maria Candelaria (1944) - Emilio Fernandez
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Maria Candelaria (1944) - Emilio Fernandez
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Maria Candelaria (1944) - Emilio Fernandez