Baie des anges, La (1963)

Original Title : Baie des anges, La
Director : Jacques Demy
Writer : Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Michel Legrand
Photography : Jean Rabier
Distributor : Les Acacias
IMDB ID : 0056846
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Baie des anges, La (1963) - Jacques Demy


¬Jeanne Moreau Jackie Demaistre
¬Claude Mann Jean Fournier
¬Paul Guers Caron
¬Henri Nassiet Mr. Fournier, Jean's father
¬Andr√© Certes Bank manager
¬Nicole Chollet Marthe, housekeeper
¬Georges Alban Hotel director
¬Jacques Moreau 
¬Andr√© Canter 
¬Jean-Pierre Lorrain 


Jean is a clerk in a bank. His colleague Caron is a gambler and gives him the virus. In the casinos, Jean meets Jackie. Their love affair will follow their luck at the roulette.


Greatest sin of them all - not on video!, 12 September 2003 Author: Artemis-9 from Portugal I was chilled to the bone, and mesmerized, by the dark crime of M (1931). Then, in the double-feature session, the 15-y-o boy trespassing as a 17-y-o, quickly changed his temperature when the 'great sinner' Jeanne Moreau appeared on La Baie des Anges (1963). «,Actress Moreau forcefully demonstrates the verve, style and flamboyant femaless that make her the envy of European sex symbols much greener in years and cooler in blood. Her wicked, winning presence has saved a bad movie from utter oblivion, and at 36 she knows how to turn Bay of the Angels into a one woman show.», So wrote a reviewer (Time, November 27, 1964), and I couldn't put it better, I'm now copying this from my typewritten notes - no photocopier at home, then. That young boy would never enter a casino in his life due to this film, and he tried to see all the films starring Jeanne Moreau. I'm a winner on two counts, by money not given away to casino owners, and by a plethora of good films that were saved from oblivion by this great woman, and actress.
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Baie des anges, La (1963) - Jacques Demy