Wasp Woman, The (1960)

A beautiful woman by day - a lusting queen wasp by night.

Original Title : The Wasp Woman
Director : Roger Corman
Jack Hill
Writer : Leo Gordon
Kinta Zertuche
Genre : Horror
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Roger Corman
Music : Fred Katz
Photography : Harry Neumann
Distributor : The Filmgroup Inc.
IMDB ID : 0054462
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poster for "Wasp Woman, The" by Roger Corman | Jack Hill (1960)
Wasp Woman, The (1960) - Roger Corman | Jack Hill


Susan Cabot Janice Starlin
Anthony Eisley Bill Lane (as Fred Eisley
Barboura Morris Mary Dennison
William Roerick Arthur Cooper
Michael Mark Eric Zinthrop
Frank Gerstle Les Hellman
Bruno VeSota Night watchman (as Bruno Ve Sota
Roy Gordon Paul Thompson
Carolyn Hughes Jean Carson
Lynn Cartwright Maureen Reardon
Frank Wolff Man
Lani Mars Secretary
Phillip Barry Man
Roger Corman Doctor in the hospital. (uncredited
Aron Kincaid Beekeeper (uncredited


The founder and owner of a cosmetic factory, Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot), is concerned with the dropping sale results of her company. The scientist Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark) offers to her his research with wasp enzymes that makes animals younger, and she immediately accepts to hire him, provided she becomes his human subject. She decides by her own to accelerate the treatment injecting additional serum trying to see earlier results, becoming the lethal "Wasp Woman".


Good stuff from Roger Corman, 19 January 2003 Author: Space_Mafune from Newfoundland, Canada THE WASP WOMAN is certainly not a film to be taken very seriously as it details the hideous and unexpected transformation of a woman looking for the fountain of youth into a rather nasty flesh-eating monster unforeseen side effect of Dr. Zinthrop's wasp enzyme treatments. The common be wary of science theme is certainly in full force here and it does feel comfortable in this low budget environment.The best thing about this film is it has a great pace as it keeps moving along nicely and is consistently entertaining. The worst is the low budget look of the monster and the awful music.
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Wasp Woman, The (1960) - Roger Corman | Jack Hill