Puce Moment (1949)

Original Title : Puce Moment
Director : Kenneth Anger
Genre : Short
Country : USA
Language : Music Only
Photography : Curtis Harrington
Distributor : Fantoma
IMDB ID : 0041771
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poster for "Puce Moment" by Kenneth Anger (1949)
Puce Moment (1949) - Kenneth Anger


ÂYvonne Marquis The Movie Star (uncredited


Rich experimental-styled study in Hollywood decadence, 20 December 1998 Author: David Neal Lewis from Cincinnati, OH A six-minute fragment of a film designed to be much longer, Puce Moment follows an archetypal silent movie star as she luxuriates through her opulent surroundings. Beautifully shot in color, the film is rich with fabrics, jewelry and antique Hollywood exotica. Excellent original psychedelic movie score added in the 1960s. Echoes of this work may be felt in Anger's later films of the 60s, particularly "Kustom" and the opening sequence of "Scorpio Rising".