Invocation of my demon brother (1969)

Original Title : Invocation of My Demon Brother
Director : Kenneth Anger
Writer : Kenneth Anger
Genre : Short
Country : USA
Language : No Dialogues
Photography : Kenneth Anger
Distributor : Fantoma
IMDB ID : 0064493
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Invocation of my demon brother (1969) - Kenneth Anger


Mick Jagger Himself (uncredited
Brian Jones Himself (uncredited
Keith Richards Himself (uncredited
Charlie Watts Himself (uncredited


Experimental short, featuring strobe-like homoerotic imagery with several shots of the Rolling Stones in performance and an original synthesizer score by Mick Jagger.


Zap! You',re pregnant! That',s witchcraft!, 27 July 2006 Author: Pete Tha GEEK! from Copenhagen, Denmark To the tunes of eerie synthesizer noise composed by Mick Jagger, Anger provides a death trip of the occult and hallucinative. ',Invocation of My Demon Brother', use montages of drugs, war and concert footage, stirring eyes, sex and magic to picture the descent into the underworld. It is surely not always an enjoyable experience, but it was clearly not the intention either. The Rolling Stones appears along with albinos, satyrs, bikers, costumed figures and Anger himself as a ceremonial leader. ',Invocation of My Demon Brother', contains a weird claustrophobic and nightmarish atmosphere and, I can spot some similarities with the masterpiece ',Scorpio Rising',, but in general it is like all the work by Anger a a total standout. A commentary to the 68',s generation could probably be hidden underneath the skulls, swastikas, psychedelic colors and rock & roll attitude. Watch, and judge for yourself.